Monicacat or anyone else- Bumps/Spots on Chest

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    Hi Monicacat,

    I noticed from a previous reply that you are new to the board - Welcome.

    Also in the reply (I think it was something about ringworm/cat scratch disease and cats) that you mentioned you had spots on your chest prior to the onset of you illness.

    I have made another post on this topic. I have spots/sometimes bumps on my chest and back which I too believe maybe fungal. Did you ever get diagnosed with the spots? Did they go away?

    The timing of these spots and this disease (CFS) makes me believe there is some link. I just had a biopsy done last week on them, but, the doc said he didn't have a clue what they were.

    Thanks, Tulip
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    Thanks so much Monicacat for getting back with me.

    I say interesting because for a couple of weeks prior to the onset of CFS/FM I was spending every spare minute I had downstairs in the MOLDY cellar getting ready for a garage sale.

    On top of that I just had allergy testing done and I found out I am very allergic to mold. Hhhmmmmmm?

    How do you test for toxic mold? I have tried tea tree oil on them without any luck, but, not for very long. Maybe I should give it a try again. Tea tree oil completely cleared up a toenail infection/fungus or whatever I had.

    I also have MCS and am trying to figure out this rash. I somehow think it is connected to my onset of CFS/FM. Best of luck to you and thank you so much for sharing your information. Tulip
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    Had biopsy done 2 weeks ago, found out I have Cutaneous Lupu Erythamtosis and follow blood work just confirmed, Systemic Lupus.

    Doc is sending me next week to Lupus Specialist for chemotherapy consultation,,,,apparently it's quite bad and feels it needs a more aggressive approach.

    Thanks so much for your responses. Tulip