Mono since April with acute laryngitis

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    I have CFS and Fibro , but came down with mono-3 blood tests so far and it still hasn't went into the healing stage, still acute the dr. said. Biggest complaint among all of them-My excruciating sore glands in the top of my throat which causes me to have constant lack of voice or extreme hoarseness. The dr. said not to panic about my throat until the mono goes away and then see if I get my voice back. I rest alot, but push myself as I always do, but lately my appetite is poor and the neck and throat pain are wearing me down. I'm already on neurontin, klonapin, wellbutrin and zoloft-How the heck can I have so much pain and I'm nervous now and can't sleep alot-is this normal?
    I may be croakin along time? They aren't going to retest my blood til the end of october-I gotta go to Canada Oct. 4- my son is getting married up there-I at least need a voice, even If I have no energy!
    I'm also taking lots of immune system boosting stuff.
    Anybody have this laryngitis this long?
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    Hi Darlee: I am just adding my two-cents to this, however, I am surprised that your doctor didn't give you a steroid (5-day pack) to alleviate the swelling around the vocal cords? I am really surprised. I would ask him for that. Also, you might want to went some more tests for possible other viruses such as HHV6, mycoplasma, etc. I remember we I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus - which is the virus that causes Mono, I felt awful for about 6 months and had very swollen lymph glands under my arm.
    ALso, continue to boost your immune system with: multi-vitamin, CQ10. You might want to go to a good health food store (not GNC) and ask for an immune booster or buy on this website - under store.

    Good luck
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    I had Mono for 10 months the 2nd time around