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    Hi I'm new to this board, nice to read all the great posts!

    I did have Mono in my early 20's, Strep-throat @ 16 or 17, Scarlet Fever in my early teens. Had pains in my legs even earlier though, my mother determined they were 'growing pains'. Diagnosis of Fibro came 1995. I'm 50 yrs old now.

    My mother's family had Polio. She suffered much from vericose vains. Sounds like Adrenal deficiency could be cause; I certainly have undergone much 'stress' in my life.
    Fumes from chemicals do bother me, and get this, I'm a painter--artistic type; use oils and turpentine! I notice heart palpitations when I use them.
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    I'm a couple of days new her myself and everyone is real nice! I'm an artist to except I use plain ole graphite. Are you any good at water color. You might want to consider using a mask when you paint? Anyhoo..I hope you like it here, I do!!!!