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  1. tgrier

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    I was having a recurring swollen lymph gland and my doctor sent me for lab work. He just told me yesterday that I have mono, but doesn't know how I would have gotten it. Has anyone had this before? Is it connected somehow with FM or CFS?
  2. borntired

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    Did your Doctor run a blood panel test for EBV/CMV?

    I heard that Epstein Barr Virus when active is Mono?
    I don't know but when I was in my 20-40's I got swollen lymps, ear and viral infections.

    Good luck.
  3. mrdad

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    Sorry you are not feeling well!! I was hospitalized over thirty years ago with very high temp. They diagnosed it as Mono that I probably contacted at a neighbor restaurant. They call it the 'kissing disease" but it ain't real romantic!! It is contagious so be careful to not infect others in family etc.
    There has been some concern that it could be a link to other immune disorders but most is speculative. If you are fortunate, you may just have a mild case similar to the flu. I was not and had to dropout of Grad School and lost a semester of work. But much most likely depends on your own immune system. Get lots of rest and don't stress over future medical problems that are purely speculative. Hope you feel better quickly!!

    MRDAD P.S. check CDC website on Mono
  4. TXFMmom

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    I have never, knowingly, had mono, but yet on my last visit, I had exceedingly high levels of one of the markers, which essentially, meant that it was active, but not contagious, and it also meant that was one reason I felt very, very bad.
  5. Marta608

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    I had mono in college, then a nasty bout with what was diagnosed as EBV 11 years ago that led to CFS. Two years ago after a week-long trip, I had another EBV flareup. They didn't call it mono though, just EBV.

    Nasty stuff. I was very sick, absolutely no energy, needed to sleep most of the time. Like mono.

    I'm still confused whether mono and EBV are the same. I've read it both ways. I do know that if you've had mono, you'll show past EBV infection so I assume it's the same thing.

  6. itzmede

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    I believe alot of us with Lupus or FM test positive for this. I know I did. Seems to be connected somehow.