Montels show/Sylvia Browne???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fibrobutterfly, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know doesn't Sylvia Browne come on Montels show on Wednesdays anymore? I used to tape it, now shes not on???
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  2. painterZ

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    but have no idea when. She has a huge following but I haven't heard very nice things about her. Please just be aware of who she may or may not be...just some friendly advise.

  3. Darn I love watching her on Montel. Painterz I guess you didnt care for her. I liked it when she described people that have passed on and people were amazed by how right on she was. It was entertaining if nothing else.

    Of course now Montel is onto his own healthy living shows, maybe thats why she isn't on anymore , it took her place.
  4. well I just read that Montels show was cancelled, soo I guess thats my answer and we are watching reruns now.??? Sylvia's show was the only day I watched his show.
  5. morningsonshine

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    I read Doober's post about the drug Salvia, and nest thing ya know i see a post talking about Sylvia Browne!!!!

    LOL!! I'm thinking Brownies, drugs, wow someone is really baking today, Sisland??? Your the residential baker, are you behaving today???

    Sorry i'm very, very, loopy, tired today.
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    Im reading Sylvia Browne - The Afterlife about Ghosts n Spirits...fascinating stuff...tho i did notice one thing in common...with most psychics/spiritualists/past life where do they mention any deceased person who has moved on meeting God face to face. They all just describe a powerful white light which fills them with peace and joy.

    God Bless
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    I liked watching Sylvia on there too when I happened to catch it. She was interesting and I think a lot of what she had to say was right judging by the reactions of many of the people she read.

    She also looked like she was in a lot of pain to me. She seemed to have trouble walking for instance. You know how we chronic pain peeps can spot each other. I could be wrong but that's what I thought.

    I'll miss seeing her on there. Thanks for letting us know.


  8. Yes I also thought she looked like she was in pain walking. She is 72, maybe she is ready to retire?
  9. Janalynn

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    She does a show in Vegas regularly - so I'm not sure she's retiring. I heard some people who went to her show say she wasn't very impressive - actually she wasn't saying more than what most people could figure out.

    I always hope those people are for real. People put such faith in them. Maybe it's what you want to believe? I always think it's comforting when one can "hear" from a loved one that has passed. (is that what Sylvia does??)
    I know I've seen her on talk shows, but not sure what "kind" of psychic she is.

    Did anyone ever watch the Psychic Challenge that was on TV a few months ago? That was interesting to see people's psychic abilities.
  10. jasminetee

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    Oh yeah, Psychic Challenge was great! Wasn't Jackie a complete trip? "Now you've had the Jackie Experience!" lol

    I've seen Sylvia talk with people who've died. She seems to be good at helping people resolve murder mysteries.