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    hi all. just wanted to mention to anyone on montoya's waiting list....his associate, dr. andreas kogelnik (who was also part of the original valcyte study where 24 people recovered), has recently started a practice of his own where he sees CFS patients! his #: 650-962-5430
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    I've seen Dr. Kogelnik on my first visit to Stanford and was aware that he now has his own practice. I've been on Dr. Montoyas waiting list since I was to sick to make my appt. in Feb. But I now have an appt. on August 26. I'm pretty much stuck on Dr. Montoya and I just can't see anyone else. I did have a problem during this time of the wait and called and left a message. I got a call back within two days. In my mind once he has the trial results together and out there it will free up his doctoring time. I keep saying I should adopt him then I would have heard from him yesterday. Joyce
  3. ladybugmandy

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    i'm glad you like dr. montoya. i have heard great things about his bedside manner.

    i think he and dr. lerner might be publishing the valcyte article together....

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