Mood swings??

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    Hi everyoen. I have posted here before, its just been a while.
    My name is Angela, I am 18. I was just wondering if anyone had andy suggestions about mood swings. I seem to get them a lot, and they come on very quick. Like I could be in a very good mood, with the whole world just looking bright...then one little thing goes wrong, and my mood goes down the drain. I get really grouchy; like I don't want anyone to touch me, or look at me, or heaven forbid TALK TO ME!!!
    These swings drive me nuts! I wish so bad I didn't feel like this. I hate thinking that my good moods can be so easily spoiled, and that I can start to feel so bad.
    I am on medication for depression, does anyone have any other suggestions?
    I'm sick of doing this!
  2. AmyKaiser

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    sounds like a low blood sugar problem to me..
    learn how to maintain a hypoglycemic diet and see what happens
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    You need a thyroid test, right away and also a full chem panel to r/o causes here. If all else fails, you may be suffering from bipolar II, rapid cycling. The depression board on here is good and has lots of suggestions.

    Treatment, usually includes: Lithium and or Depakote or some new anticovulsants such Topamax. Mood swings are a bad thing to experience....especially if you get violent or feel suicidal, you need to get to a psychiatrist ASAP. Because Bipolar, is a fairly common and dangerous illness.

    Please, talk to your family doctor first about this and get the routine blood work and physical first because psychiatrist's are nuts half the time and dont do this and frankly, dont even know how, half the time!

    But you may need medication. If you are bipolar it one illness you can't 'talk' therapy it away;it requires treatment with meds. And it will take time and some experimentation. As horrible as it sounds, YOU DONT have to live this way....
  4. AmyKaiser

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    i have these extreme mood swings myself..
    thryoid all checks out...adrenals a bit low..
    i used to think i had a bi/polar deal too BUT....the reallll key was EATING well, often and properly..
    well its not like i ever have it completely under control BUT, if i didnt eat when i get that way, id have killed myself..
    actually they say its a large percent of suicidal people that are hypoglycemic...
    the feeling is so horrible, i remember correlating it to, being on fire and wanting to jump in the water to make it stop...
    turns out my blood sugar levels were under 50 or 40 at times due to the birth control pill...
    DO u notice symptoms worse after caffeine too...

    there was a time, when my dad was still alive and before i began SSRIs, that when my dad would yell...and let me first explain my dad screamed often, i believe too he had glucose problems,
    oops thats a real run on sentence..
    well anyways, i remember being in the kitchen, cutting something up, and him screaming behind me...before i knew what i was doing i was turning around in a motion to ..well..umm...use the kitchen knife..
    this of course scared me but it was an involuntary reaction....his screaming made me shake and such...
    anyways, it was glucose related..
    LOL please dont think i am weird, ididnt want to kill my dad as a matter of fact i held him as he died from cancer...

    anyways...i suggest she also eat every few hours, cut out caffeine and fast acting carbs...eating protein often..

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