Mooresville, N. C. ?????

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  1. spmary

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    HI...I think someone on the board lives in Mooresville. We have a place near there on Brawley School Rd. My son lives there now but we visit quite often..Would love to meet or chat with you when I'm Mary

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Hi Mary, just thought I would bump this post for you. I am not near there but if I were it would be nice to meet you. Take care.
  3. elizabethia

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    i'm on the other side of the state in raeford north carolina.. if i were closer i would love to meet with ya also... take care elizabeth
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  4. little

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    Hi Mary, I wrote to you a while back. I live in Mooresville. Near 150 and 115. I have lived here for four years. I would like to chat with you some time. Have a great day. Gail
  5. trasestry

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    Hi, I am from Pa, and my family and I are talking about moving down there. We have family that live on Lake Norman, I am drawing a blank as to the town they live. My daugter is planning on going to NCU in a couple years. Anyone sorry they moved down there??? Tracy
  6. spmary

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    I guess I put my note in the wrong place [above]. There are alot of towns around lake Norman. Very near Charlotte too. My son works as a nurse in a hospital in Statesville n c. It is on interstates 77 and 40. Other towns on 77 are Mooresville Davidson [where is college is located] Cornelius [where my daughter lives] and is trying to sell her lovely home, then Huntersville, then Charlotte. there are many other townsin other locations. It is the largest lake in N C. We love it. Many golf courses and other attractions. Go visit the relatives. They can tell you more. Lol, Mary
  7. fmsyuck

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    Hi I live in VA too near Lynchburg would be nice to meet you. You sound so sweet when I read about you hope to meet you in chat soon.
    I don't travel well since my surgery but I am getting there.
    I had a total hysterectomy may 30th.