Moratorium approved on house.What would U do and should I?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Ok I finally received the letter. They approved it till 1-8-07 then will review it. That means I don't have to make house pmts till after that and will include the 2pmts I'm behind on now. They told me they would still pay my ins and taxes because they are escrowed in and when I pick up pmts again all of it will be divided over the course of the loan. But I just don't know. They approved it because I had a 20% reduction of income,still on unempl. I'm just so hesitant cause I'm not sure of the future and I hate that. I hate not knowing what's coming cause I've always planned ahead. I'm just worried that if I do this and it continues for the 2yr period that they allow and if then I'm not able to work and still haven't gotten SSD what then.

    They told me if at the end I can't make the pmts then I would have to sell or they would foreclose and if they do that said they will sell it and what they don't get I will owe and they will come after me for it. Can you get blood out of a turnip,don't think so. Right now on the unemp. I'm paying bills I owe and utilities. Haven't found a job,hard to do with my limitations. They also told me I'm getting the full pmt assistance amt and even if my income continues to drop the pmt will stay the same. Which means that if the ins and taxes go up so will the pmt and I'll have a hard time making that also.

    So do you think I should get out of it now while I can. Before I get any sicker. Before I have no income at all. I've already looked into other places and like I said it's a small town and not much to choose from. What would you do.

    Would you hang on for right now,while getting the unemp till Jan and see what happens between now and then. See if a job comes up and see about housing in the mean time. I'm so confused and rattled. I've mentioned about living with my Mom and sis,they're looking for a house for the two of them but the way they talk they don't want me to. Me and Mom don't always get along. She's not as nice to me as she is to them. I think it would be too stressful for me. I'm stress enough. I'm sorry to burden you all with this. Have noone to talk to. They don't want to hear it. My sis has her own things and Mom is all wrapped up in her and my brother.

    Thanks so much.Keke
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    Don't be sorry for asking anything on this message board.

    What I would do_Only my opinion cause you asked.I would find my self a nice small place to rent .Than I would lease out my house.Here a 2 or 3 bedroom home rents any were from 1500.00 to 2000.00 a month no utilities.Make sure the lease covers my rent plus the morgage payment I would have later.

    And I know I could rent a small one bedroom apartment with utilities for 700.00.That would be all I needed .

    Good luck to you.I know how hard it is.We sold our home and now live with my husbands 89 yr old father.Its hard its his house and I cant move anything or change anything.My DH is an only child and the house will be his someday but it still belongs to my Father in law.He is very set in his ways.And stubborn and at times can be mean .

    Good luck.

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    I assume since you are on unemployment you are looking for work. I see you have been a CNA in a nursing home.

    I also see you are a CMA have you thought about checking into physician's offices? It would be easier on you and there would be no heavy lifting.

    I am sure you would qualify to take vitals, and help in the front office, etc. just a thought.

    You might check you local hospital there are many thing you probably qualify for take a look at their available openings board.

    Have you met with a job counselor at the unemployment office yet they might even offer some retraining or school options if you do not wait very long.

    Best of luck,

    Karen :)

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