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    In answer to all your requests,here is what I know and what I have done:
    I heard about using cinnamon for blood sugar control on the diabetic message board. I looked it up on the Internet, and found several refrerences to the use of cinnamon for controlling blood sugar. That is all I found. So, I proceeded on my own. This is what I do:
    I put one heaping teaspoon of cinnamon, mixed with one packet of sweetener on my toast in the morning. I also drink one or two mugs of cinnamon stick tea during the day. I notice that my blood sugar is better, as is my ability to breathe and my fibromyalgia, and flexibility. I don't know how this happens, or what a recommended dosage would be. I am rather round, so a thin person might need less. I just use plain, supermarket cinnamon. As for the sticks, I found them to be very expensive in the spice section (Almost $6.00 a jar, for about 6), so I go to the ethnic spice area where I can get a package of about 7 for 99cents. These are sold in little bags, as opposed to the ones in the spice section, which are in glass jars. Maybe you dan find them in bulk where you live. I use the sticks twice, like teabags. To make stick tea,I boil water , and remove it from the flame, add the cinnamon stick and steep for 8-10 minutes.
    I hope this helps. I also hope there is someone out there who can shed some more light on the subject. God bless us all. Terry
    I forgot to add, that I eat 2 pieces of toast. Also, if I don't eat toast, I will cut up an apple and put the cinnamon in that. It cooks in about 5 minutes. Then I eat it with a piece of soy or rice cheese, for a snack.
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    Wow, that's a lot of cinnamon for one piece of toast! I always put at least a tablespoon (don't measure, just dump)and a slurp of vanilla on top of the coffee (decaf) in my coffee maker, but only for the flavor. Maybe it's actually doing me some good!

    I think half, if not more of the things we buy we are paying for the container! I wish we had stores here with bigger and better ethnic sections. We have a large selection of Mexican stuff (this is Texas, after all) but the best store I ever saw was Tops International in Niagara Falls, NY. What a fascinating place to shop! I also used to shop at a store in New Jersey where you could buy just as much as you needed out of huge barrels, which was wonderful, especially with expensive spices.

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    I missed your other post, but I will go back and find it. I love cinnamon -- your post reminded me how much. I'll never forget chewing cinnamon gum for morning sickness -- for some reason that worked for me.

    There's a store in the closest city that has gourmet spices. The last time I went, there were at least 6 different cinnamons. There are placards by each telling the origin and use, and sampler containers to sniff. Treated myself to some "Vietnam Extra Fancy". UMMMM! It smells absolutely heavenly. Wish we had bread in the house, I've got a craving coming on!
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