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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. cjcookie

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    The store manager had promised me that the pharmacist would write an apology to me. Today, the pharmacist called me to apologize. I asked her about the written apology and she said the manager said she could just call. When I called the manager about this, he said she didn't want to write to me because that would give me proof for a lawsuit because I had mentioned a lawyer in my complaint. I told him that I had not mentioned a lawyer - only the newspaper and that by her saying that, it pretty much tells me she broke the law somehow. He told me they could not force an employee to write a letter. Since when? He said she was punished - they wrote in her record. Big deal - I had been told the pharmacy tech had several complaints and she's still there.

    I told him that I didn't want anyone fired - just wanted a written apology. The phone conversation was followed up with the district pharmacy rep calling me. She said she could have the store manager or the pharmacy manager write me a letter but that wasn't in the pharmacist's job description. Oh brother - most of us probably wish we had jobs where they are afraid to say or do anything to upset an employee.

    I e-mailed the local paper and I'm going to follow up with a phone call tomorrow. Hoping they will do a story and keep my name out of it. If not, maybe I'll let them use my name if they explain about Fibromyalgia in the article. What do you guys think?
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    You know Cookie NOBODY takes the blame for anything anymore. That's why their is so little respect out there because so many will just admit that they were wrong. I don't know if you should go any farther but I will tell you that I for ONE will not use Walgreens anymore just for YOU! Love Debness XXX
  3. cjcookie

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    supports me. My sister is in town and even when I told her the story, she was going to Walgreens that night and told me that. You can't choose your family, right?
  4. elastigirl

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    ... but maybe it's just some locations, or maybe that one awful pharmicist?

    Because my local Walgreen's has gone to greater effort than any other store in the area to make sure I'm happy (I shop there a lot for supplements, etc.) They've set aside things in back for me -- waiting days for me to pick them up, written countless rainchecks for me, helped me with dozens of on-the-spot requests, and even helped me with my son in an emergency :)!

    However, there was one AWFUL employee who treated us badly. I complained about her, and her hours were greatly reduced for a long time. She's back to normal now, and a lot nicer to boot.

    I don't know why they show me such favortism. My only guess is maybe they have a good management at this location -- they probably treat all of their patrons with great respect.

    Even so, I do hope you get your written apology. What she did was SO wrong!
  5. karatelady52

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    I agree with elastigirl. I tend to think its more the employee at a certain pharmacy rather than the whole chain.

    I'm sure CVS, Eckerds and others all have had bad employees at one time or another. In fact, it seems anymore employees just don't know how to treat customers the way they use to.

    I love my Walgreens because they've treated me with respect and never questioned anything when I've ordered my Oxycodone (I've read a few horror stories when those scripts were ordered).

    I sure wouldn't use your Walgreens after hearing your horror story. It's a shame they didn't fire the employee. I think they're going to wish they had.

    p.s. yes, I think you should put it in the paper

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    I am glad that you are going public about this treatment, and for the awareness it will bring to our diseases. You are right to fight for fair treatment.
    (( )) Shannon
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  7. Kacjac

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    but wanted you to know, your not alone, with problems from Walgreens.
    In the last month, they have made mistakes, (with the lady I take care)her scripts. This lady is 88yrs old.
    And can't afford any mistakes, now her daughter will be talking to management soon.
    good Luck to you,
  8. JLH

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    I would like to see the pharmacist's job description in writing!! I'm sure it would say something like:

    * Fill prescriptions; never write letters to customers to promote good will; etc.!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    They are probably running scared that you are going to sue them. That is the first thing on people's minds these days when someone starts to question you!

    I wonder if they have instructed their employees on the Privacy Law?

    I have experienced something similar with a pharmacist'ss clerk a few years ago. The place was very busy (only pharmacy in town) and I was taking Prozac at the time for chronic pain. I had called in 5 or 6 scripts to be refilled and was in there to pick them up. When she rang them up, I knew one was missing because the total was incorrect. So I looked at all the bottles in the bag and noticed it was the Prozac missing.

    This clerk yelled back in the pharmacy part very loudly and said "Is Janet xxxxx's Prozac been filled yet?" I saw everyone looking at me. At that time, Prozac had a stigma attached to it if you took it. When I got home, I tolk my hubby how angry I was that this dumb clerk just yelled out this info. There were no privacy laws then. He encouraged me to call the pharmacist, who is also the owner.

    I called the owner and told him that I did not appreciate her announcing to the world that I took Prozac, etc. We had a good little talk and he promised me that he would not only talk with her on an individual basis, but would have a training session with all the employees on how to respect their customers' privacy. The next time I went in and that girl waited on me, she apologized to my face about it.

    Keep us updated on your situation!


  9. cjcookie

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    You are right, I'm sure it's just one bad apple. But when they won't even make her apologize in writing, it makes me wonder what is wrong with them. I love the crumpling up the newspaper story.


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