More blood work came back on top of FM I also have RA

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jofla, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. jofla

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    So Now that I have Rhuematoid Arthritis what now? He doesnt want to put me on meds until it gets really bad because the side effects of meds are worse than the disease itself. I have to go back in for more blood work in 3 mos. so when I feel bad where do I distinguish the two? I am bummin here. Does anyone else have both FM and RA?

  2. garlinbarb

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    Sometimes I think the FMS dx was the beginning of RA. It's not uncommon for someone with one autoimmune disease to have others. Do you have allergies too.

    There are 2 schools of thought about RA meds.One is like your doc, wait. The other of course is the sooner the better, so you don't ever get crippled by it. Who knows which one is right.

    At least people know what RA is! I don't even tell others about the FMS unless it's someone that I trust .

    Search the internet, there's lotsa info out there. Have you found the arthritis board here?

    (((((()))))) Gentle hugs, Barb
  3. jofla

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    Yes I have allergies too and no I havent found the arthritis board here. I'll have to take a look. The rheumy who dx me with FM told me that there was a chance that I would get RA but you know I just didn't want to believe him, but now, its kind of like a slap in the face. That was back in 1992. Oh well just something else I will have to deal with. And I will, in a couple of days!!!!
  4. vnr27

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    thats lousy.i am ok for a while then the tight band around chest feeling comes then in between the shoulder blades then i get scared and my neck and head hurts what is that feeling like u cant take a deep breath, hope your ok,val
  5. lebra

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    however, I was diagnosed with RA first and then FM. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference but I guess it really doesn't matter. Pain is pain and needs to be dealt with.
    I totally agree with garb...

    If you have RA, it needs to be treated agressively now. The joint damage may not be noticable now but it will continue to progress and then irreversible damage will be done to the joints. Please think about getting a second opinion. I have been treated with Vioxx, Celebrex, Etodolac, Mobic and Bextra. Am currently on Plaquenil and it controls more than the others and have virtually no side effects. Just have to have eye exam regularly but so far has been fine. I been on for two years now. Dont let your doctor sit on it. Get it treated.
    Good Luck
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    I only have FM but I have an aunt who has severe RA. She was the type of person who would never take medication, even a simple thing like an aspirin for a headache. Her mother had an addiction to prescription meds and I think that she just associated medication with addiction. She waited until she was extremely sick before starting meds for RA. She found out that she was very sensitive to the meds and that if they had a certain side effect she would be one of the few affected by it. She tried several meds before finding one that would even help a little - while trying meds, she continued to have severe pain and her joints were damaged. In retrospect, she wishes that she had begun meds sooner so that she could have tried meds and weeded out those that would not work for her (before she was really sick). She is on a IV medication, has had a knee replacement and just had the knuckles on her second hand replaced today. She is doing really well and is now rather active and healthy.

    I know that these diseases respond differently in every person. I would just ask a lot of questions and do your research. Having options in how you direct your medical care is a great thing.

    Best of Luck!
  7. PatPalmer

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    He is absolutely right, but, you can start treating this yourself. I`ve carried out a lot of research as my father had RA, now he has Osteoarthritis, it`s chronic.

    I suffered for years with stiff hands and last year my left hip had become very restrictive in movement and the right started when I began self treatment:-

    Water:- 6-8 glasses daily
    Sea Salt:- 1/4 tsp daily (usually add to 2 ltr bottle of tap water)
    Flaxseed Oil:- 1 tbsp twice daily with food
    MSM:- Glucosomine/Chondroitin tablets

    The hands and hips have dramatically improved within 4 months, I can`t believe the difference.

    My Father is stubborn and will not follow the above, he drinks only tea & coffee and thinks the MSM alone should help, - but it needs the combination.

    A healthy diet is essential too.

    Love Pat.
  8. shazz

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    You didn't say who ran the blood test.
    I also tested positive for RA, three times so far, but the rheumy swears up and down I do NOT have it. So there is a margin of error in their tests evidently.
    Just trying to offer a ray of hope here.
    Some days I would say he is wrong, because my joints do get to hurting pretty badly, but the next it is all muscular pain.
    If you haven't been to a specialist yet, I would definately get a second opinion.

  9. jofla

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    twain so sorry to hear about your aunt. Thants what scares me about this, how bad it can get. but will try to stay on the positive. Ihope she can get some relief. I am a person who is very sensitive to meds. When it comes to side effects I don't get the common side effects I get the serious side effects. Thanks to FM i guess. So I will try to do what you say Pat. I already drink lots of water, and I drink the Cerulean Sea Salt no additives to it. Shazz I have been to rheumy doc just a couople of weeks ago but just talked to me about the fm, my reg doc dx the ra. I go back in Nov. to see him, the rheumy. They will rerun the tests again in Dec. But I guess it explains why my hands and fingers and toes are swollen, red and hurt. I was hoping it was just a new symptom of fm altho i khow that is not. Anyways, my chin is up, hoping the blood test was just a fluke! I will get the MSM and look at the flaxseed.

    Take care

  10. MtnDews

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    Jo,the rheumatologist that I was seeing told me that if I had RA that he would be able to get me out of pain much easier than the FM because there were proven drugs to help with RA. With FM, he told me that it was pretty much just hit and miss or about a 20% chance that any drug would help me. So, I'd hope for the RA instead of FM. Good luck.
  11. ksp56

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    I'm sending out lots of hugs your way. You have been dealt another blow, and it doesn't seem fair, does it?

    I tested positive for RA, so there is something stirring around, but the blood work came back negative. My rheumy says he is going to keep a close watch because there are many times that people with RA are thought to have fibro and are treated for fibro intially. He did say believe it or not, the quality of life for those with fibro, is worse than RA. I am not taking away from the sadness you must feel with this diagnosis.

    While I'm sure the above doesn't bring you ANY comfort, I just know you will battle this with the same fighter spirit you have fought the Fibro. It just absolutely stinks that you have to deal with both. We're all here for you and will be by your side!


  12. vnr27

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    we have to take one thing at a time i know how hard that is be postive, god bless val
  13. jofla

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    would be so nice to be able to meet everyone in person wouldnt it? I am trying to get my hands on everything that I can and try the msm and flaxseed oil. I will have to go to barnes andnoble, I have a library on fibro books now i'll have to add RA books too. That's ok tho I love to read. Wish that we were all pain and problem free.

    Take Care and God Bless,