More CFS awareness in AHA newsletter

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    My boss just emailed me her copy of her weekly Newsletter from American Hospital Association. This is a weekly newsletter for Hospital Executives to update them on hospital issues. It actually mentions the CFS awareness campaign!

    Here is the section of the newsletter:

    6. Campaign educates clinicians, public about chronic fatigue syndrome

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today launched a national campaign to educate the public and health care professionals about chronic fatigue syndrome, noting that 80% of Americans afflicted with the illness may not know they have it. Symptoms include incapacitating fatigue, sleep difficulties, and problems with concentration and short-term memory, as well as flu-like symptoms, joint and muscle pain, tender lymph nodes, sore throat and headaches. Because no cause for the syndrome has been identified, treatment programs seek to relieve symptoms and improve the patient’s ability to function. At least half of those with CFS improve to their previous level of health if treatment is started early. The campaign includes a Web site with downloadable educational tools.

    The message is really getting around!
  2. karinaxx

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    world will do the same.
    thanks for posting these campaign news, its great to hear its working.
    take care

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