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    Hi all, I've been having a GREAT day with Echineaca and finding new alternatives even for FM.....

    I've used "E" for years with GREAT success to ward off any signs of colds coming on. It has worked everytime for me....

    Today, I had a flare up in a dental area, it had been QUIET for a good while but today it flared with pain. I almost went to my amoxicillan stash, BUT said NO, try "E" as it's a natural type I took 800mg at about 11AM and then 800mg more at about 1PM...and the tooth pain is gone and GUESS WHAT my spinal pain is so much alleviated....

    By this time almost 4PM here, I would have taken my 2nd dose of pain meds....not today and this has NOT happened in a long long time....

    So I went on to search: "E" and inflammation, "E" and pain and then "E" and Fibromyalgia and found links and I'll post one.

    Now, "E" can not be taken ongoing, some say up to 3 weeks and some have said they use it 30 days and go off 30 days and then start again with 30 days in has to decide how to use it and if they can use it....

    I will continue today and NOT take any pain med and probably another "E" around 5PM or so....the dosing I did was called a loading dose which I've done with grape seed extract over the years....

    Echineaca has been around forever and it's lost it's luster with all the pharma drugs....

    Another natural mentioned on another site for "soothing FM" is Black Cohash....

    As always do your research, I've been doing mine all day on this E" issue. It is glorious to NOT take a pain med as it's been so long on the meds......HOPING "E" will be a good reliever for the pain and inflammation I deal with.

    Here is one "E" and FM link:‎
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    Here is the link that talks about Black Cohosh and FM...‎

    Do your research, those who take HBP meds should NOT take Cohosh.....ja,
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    This is the 1st day in over 3 yrs that I have NOT taken any pain meds since 9AM this morning.....

    It's like a miracle day....I'll take another "E" about 5PM.
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    Jam - that's amazing - I'm so glad for you! I never thought of echinaeca as being anti-inflammatory or helping with pain - keep us posted -

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    Jamin, if you have a tooth infection you should get that taken care of. Antibiotics don't get rid of the infection in the tooth. :(
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    TL, I've been dragging with this dental area for 5 yrs or more...I don't want major dental work and that is what it would entail. Root canal and bridge involved.....MANY work to keep away from major dental work....last xrays I saw it was a crack in the root canal, so they told me.

    Mary, I felt so much better yesterday, but will continue with the "E" like 2 or 3 weeks on and then off for the same time....see how things go... I WANT TO TAKE LESS PAIN pills
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    If anyone wants to bother, I did a search: CFS and Echinacea

    and got a lot of hits on this