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    We build up so many toxins in our lives that we don't need..

    Toxic people(friends) are one of them..I had a toxic friend once.. She made me feel so terrible all the time. I just finnaly had to distance myself from her.. This huge weight was lifted.

    If you want to know whether your friend is a true friend, ask yourself the following questions:

    *Is this a worthwhile relationship?

    *Do I feel bad about myself after I've been with this person?

    *Do I have to censor my opinions?

    *Is there a fair amount of giving and taking between us?

    *Could I turn to this person ina crisis?

    *Does this person offer a positive support and advice?

    *does this person understand me?

    I thought this was interresting..

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    Here are some tips for success when trying to resolve a problem with a friend or partner..

    *Pinpoint what it is that upsets you about the way you friend or parner behaves.

    *Bring the subject to the other person's attention in a gentle way, avoiding blame or accusation

    *Listen carefully to what the other person has to say

    *Validate the relationship and express your desire to work through the problem

    *End you conversation on a posititve note

    Don't know if this will be of any help to anyone..

    Take care

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