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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by pepper, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. pepper

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    I just thought that I would give you all another update on my hockey playing son. Remember, a couple of weeks ago David was still fighting pneumonia and was afraid that he would miss his dream trip to play hockey for Canada in Europe.

    His team won the silver medal on the weekend with him in goals. He won MVP and was thrilled with the way he played.

    Tonight he emailed me and told me that he played probably the best game of his entire life against the best pro team in Estonia (His team is all amateurs). He said that he was playing so well that the Estonian fans were cheering for every save he made! What an experience!

    The fact that he was well enough to get on the plane is amazing to me. The fact that he is well enough to play hockey is doubly amazing. The fact that he is playing better than he has ever played is absolutely astounding. How can that be?

    We all know the answer to that and I emailed that to him tonight. I told him that you guys are all praying for him so that gives him a leg up on the competition.

    An experience like this has to strengthen the faith of us all. God can do anything.

    Thank you all. Please keep praying. He has a few more days of playing to go.
    Love, Pepper
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    What an awesome and exciting testimony Pepper!! That just gave me a thrill to read!!!

  3. alaska3355

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    like this are really exciting. God IS in control- wonderful news about your son!
    Take care, Terri
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    Praise God for a son that does you proud. Fluff out your feathers!
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    I am so happy for you. You deserve to have something good happen to you. I hope you have lots of pics and can put one on your profile when he comes home. Couldn't get into the website. Said it was broken or busy or some excuse. And they wonder why we aren't passionate in sports activities? NUF said. Again congrats. Sing dance ( well maybe) shout party and enjoy.
    Love ya
  6. pepper

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    Yes, Misty, Terri, Pam and Asa. This certainly does bear witness to the power of prayer and that God is in control. I think of that especially when I remember that when I first asked for prayers for David, he got worse. We had a long chat about accepting the will of God if it was not meant for him to participate. Everything happens for a reason. He grappled with that and, I think, accepted it. Then he started to get better.

    They played another pro team today and blew a 4-1 lead and ended up tying the game. David wasn't in goals today but he will be tomorrow. Please keep praying!

    Cath, I will post the web site here since I am sure that it is okay, not having anything to do with supplements. I hope so. I will double check the rules when I am finished. I couldn't get into it either using what I gave you before. Here it is: I have no idea why there is no www!

    I am hoping that we can have some sort of celebration after he gets home. I will talk to his wife about that. I told him that I want lots of pictures so I hope that happens. Posting a picture on my profile would be a challenge and I would need a lot of help. Someone took me through it step by step the last time and then modified it herself somehow. She is no longer on the board so I would need to find someone more computer savvy than I am!

    My DH and I both said that finally there is a little light in our otherwise pretty dark world lately. It is great to have wonderful news for a change.

    Love, Pepper