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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by PieDough, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Many years ago I had a friend with 6 kids and they got paid once a month but also received a good Christmas bonus that arrived in time for shopping,well,one year it did NOT --here is what she did--she cut out pictures from catalogs,newspapers,etc. of what she was going to get them.

    She wrapped these and this is what they had to open Christmas morning-------they were just as excited and happy as if it were the real thing.
    When the bonus came in AFTER Christmas,she took them shopping-2 at a time, and was pleased to discover that with after Christmas sales,she was able to get more for them.

    They liked it so much that they wanted to do it every year------

    I am addicted to auctions,flea markets,and garge sales. When my own kids were little,I would buy a lot at these sales. I always wrapped these items in newspaper so they knew they were not brand new,they did not care because they got more !!!

    When Santa Claus was still around,we told the kids that we had to pay Santa Claus and that helped them to understand why they did not get as much as the rich neighbors
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    What good ideas.

    Reminds me of a visit to the huge swap meet held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena once a month.

    As I was going in, there was a family coming out w/ a little boy about 3 or 4. Dad was carrying a Big Wheel (a plastic trike).

    The color was a little faded, but the trike looked to be in fine shape. The little boy was beaming. He didn't care that it was used. (Maybe he didn't even know.)
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    I've did this very same thing when my girls were growing up and X-mas money was Short! We also did alot of Homemade stuff! They got involved in all that and forgot about the exspensive stuff!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I still make alot of presents for them and they truley do appreciate them !,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs and Happy Holidays to you piedough!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sydney
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    There were 10 kids in my family so even though we each only got two gifts from Santa there was a huge pile of presents under the tree.

    We all made gifts for each other or we could try to stretch our $2.00 Christmas allowance to buy things for our siblings. I don't know how many times I got wrapped up rolls of Lifesavers or packs of gum! But it was something to open!

    Mom and Dad always got homemade gifts.

    When I had my own kids I always wanted the tree to look like it did at home when I was a kid. Well filling a tree with that many gifts means they both got way to much!

    Every year I said I was going to cut back but no matter how hard I tried I always got too much! Last year, now that the girls are in their 20's, I managed to cut down!

    The younger one had needed help with some bills so that is what I did for her. Then I filled her stocking with candy and crayons and color books I got when I bought myself a kids meal for lunch! She's 22, but she still had a ball with them.

    The older one got a bark carving and her stocking filled and her husband got a cross stitched ornament that matched the stocking I had made for him the year before along with his filled stocking.

    This year my DH is retired and he has made each of the girls a cutting board and trivets for my sister and his son because he already gave them cutting boards.

    So this year I am giving the girls carved ornaments and snowmen (& women!) to go along with the cutting boards.

    The only things I bought are for my Grandaughter and the stockings (we do stockings for everyone and over the years I have crossed stitched one for each of them, now I need one for my Grandaughter.)

    Even a handmade card with something special written inside is special for the older kids. For the younger I would do the flea market/yard sale thing. You can find some wonderful "new" stuff for them. After all, it's new to them!


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