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    Thanks for your responses, and to answer your questions. These are some of my symptoms: muscle(aches,cramps,pain,weakness), rashes, nubmness & tingling of extremeties, Raynauds, urinary and bowel issues, fatigue, cognitive issues(speech,dyslexia,memory), sensory problems,hypoglycemia, and was diagnosed with ITP (a low blood platlet disorder). ECT...... Any way these are all symptoms of Lupus as well ecspecially with my ITP, but my ANA and Sed rate are all negative or normal. So they can't say it is Lupus without a positive ANA. Other tests i've had are: two brain MRI's(6 months apart),spinal tap, EMG,and numerous blood tests for everything from Lymes disease to scleroderma and Myasthenia Gravis. My family history includes FMS, Lupus, MS, and Polimyositis, all from female cousins and aunts. My mothers side of the family are a sick bunch. The danger in all of this is being misdiagnosed. Not being treated for Lupus, MS or Polymyositis can lead to devastating permanent injury. my medical chart is huge and i've even been to the top prof. of Neurology at the Univ. of Florida. And he couldn't diagnose me either. All he says is that he cannot diagnose MS at this time. My PCP is the one that insists I must have FMS. I have seen a neurologist that believes I have MS but can't prove it, and another Neurologist that beleives I am faking it all and threatened to have me Baker Acted (sent to the mental ward against my will) if I didn't quit complaining of symptoms. Needless to say I refused to see her again but her notes are permanent in my medical chart. Also I am 34 have 3 boys(7,10,&15) and work full time as A Certified Pharmacy Technician. Well there you go, tell me what you think.
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    that all sounds familiar to me... I've had positive and then negative ana's.... I was diagnosed with lupus in the 80's but it was retracted this year.... its such a shame they can't retract it as well from the insurance rating I received from that label... o well.... another story isn;t it. I think we all have the same thing and "THEY" don't know how or what to do about it but neither did they when cancer first started being diagnosed or TB or any other disease... poor poor medical community, thinking they can pass this disease off ..... Good luck!