more info on Incline village please anyone?PESTISIDES ROLE?

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    i was stationed in Nevada in 1980 to 1984 when my husband was in the navy there.

    I got very depressed there so the doctors tell me many complaints of illnesses. The doctors said it was just because I was so far away from home and home sick that I was having all these complications. from there my symptoms just got worse.

    I never heard of this until I signed on to this board and can't find any information on it.

    I had all the symptoms of CFS nd fms but never knew what it was back then.

    Thank you for any help or info you can give me.

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    I personally believe it is first genetic, then brought on Chemical Exposure. I have always wondered if a new Pesticide company sprang up in that community and went hog wild getting contracts to do home fumigation, or mosquito fogging. Maybe careless applicators doing a lot of businesses which would expose large numbers.

    Also, when I went out to Lyndonville, NY to see Dr. David Bell, I was blown away by the Agricultural setting out there. Miles and miles of crops, EVERYWHERE, nothing but crops. All spraying with GIANT barrels of chemicals. You know where this is going. I pointed this out to him and wondered if a pesticide company opened there too, or possibly had bad application of pesticdes in their school system. He thought that pretty interesting possibility. (Remember, Lyndonville, NY was the clustering epidemic that involved so MANY school age children. Dr. Bell, by the way, is a Pediatrician.
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    Iwill get the book and read it .

    I beleive genetics and predisposition do play a part in everyone with this DD.The reason I say this is because Family members lived the way we did ate what we ate, and some of us got it and our syblings did not.

    It is like cancer we all have the potintal to get cancer the cells are there to grow why do some get it and not others? I had an anunt that never smoked never drank and ate healthy and she got cancer. and someone else who does all that never gets cancer why?

    Just courious as to the reason so many in Nevada got ill.
    I grew up in a small town with a row of houses seperating us from a corn feild. on our block of 12 houses there are meny with sinus enfections constantly, one male has lumpus 3 of us have FM, and another one has MS.and 2 other people have thyroid problems.
    Pesticides a problem? no one will admit it so what is the answer?

    O h well government will never admit they aproved of any harmful chimicals like asbestos in the 60's my dad and 6 of his friends and coworkers died from cancer (ameloiafilioma) misspelled in the 90's they all won law suits against asbestos but didn't live long enough to enjoy the winnings the wives and families were the benificiaries but the law suit couldn't stop the slow death of these men.

    ok enough ranting thank you for your answers and listening to my rantings.

    Hope we find a way to treat this DD before anymore have to suffer with it.

    hoping you have a great day everyone.
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    that's the Million $$ answer, isn't it??

    It's not any ONE thing, it's many things come together, sort of like the *perfect storm* in our system.

    That's why no one cure works for everyone. You have to look at what has made you the sickest, whether your personal problems are more to with EBV, toxic mold, overexposure to chemicals, etc, and start to attack the problem from there.

    Incline seems to have been more viral, but more from 1986 or 1987 on. Oslers Web will help you a lot.

    I hope you find the answers you need to get on the road to recovery. :)

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