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    Vitamin C Regimen Developed By Personal Experiences Of Real Lyme Sufferers

    "After 13 years of suffering with Lyme disease, a possible cure has been stumbled upon. A cumulative effect of much research has produced the possibility that salt and vitamin C may be all that is needed to beat this elusive illness. Without going into a lot of detail, our theory is that Lyme is not just a bacterial disease, but also an infestation of microfilarial worms.

    Bacteria, worms, internal mites and the possibility of other creatures have been quite horrifying. Ticks can transfer many types of pathogens into the body of their host. It is also possible that the tick could pick up a new pathogen and pass it on to their next host, explaining why Lyme patients have different types of organisms within their bodies.

    Shortly after starting the treatment, we were shocked by the presence of the worms. Microfilarial worms live symbiotically with bacteria. They protect the bacteria from being exterminated by the antibiotics. Our theory is that the microfilarial worm, though possibly a nematode, is a parasitic nematomorph which we name Paragordius Lyme Incorporehumani.

    The Lyme bacteria is Borrelia burgdorferi, named after Willy Burgdorfer. After experimenting with the treatment of salt and vitamin C, we settled on a dosage of 12-one gram tablets of salt and 12-1,000 mg tablets of vitamin C, spaced throughout the day. The brand of salt pill is CMC(Consolidated Midland Corporation), NDC#0223-1760-01, ordered through a pharmacy (no prescription required) and the vitamin C used is a GNC product, though any good quality vitamin C pill should work. We have no relationship with either company.

    The Treatment can be grueling; taking it with food may aid in digestion. The results should be almost instantaneous. The Herxheimer reaction is an excretion of toxins from dying organisms; this will be experienced. Diarrhea will occur as your body sheds itself of the pathogens. The die-off will occur in cycles.

    Try to stick with it; it is well worth the inconvenience. Remember to drink plenty of water. Water is an important factor, not just in keeping yourself hydrated, but to make sure the treatment is circulating through your entire body. Salt is an electrolyte which your body needs to function properly.

    Please proceed through the next 16 pages on our journey to a cure. You can click on any photo and get a larger view and a little more info. The photographs are untouched and no dyes were added. Our specimens have been saved in case the integrity of the website is questioned. The last page will attempt to explain how this conclusion was reached."

    For more information google lyme disease wiped out
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    Could you edit it and break it up into smaller paragraphs... it is 'word salad' for me and I'm sure for others the way it is now...

    but I'm copying it off for later.


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    I broke it up some. It was a quick copy and paste job.

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    I'm wondering if one who is doing the abx protocols could include this... are you going to mention it to your doctor next time you see him?

    I will have to look further into it as my son is showing such slow progress. He doesn't go back to the clinic until mid-july, so I won't have a chance to ask them what they think until then.; altho I'd guess they would not be enthusiastic at this point since they haven't mentioned it.

    Thanks again,

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    I wonder if that much salt and Vit. C can harm you??

    Although there is a certain potential for harm with any treatment even ABX.

    I've also read that very strong herx, are not good for you either.
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    1.5 G = 1/4 tsp according to my salt container...

    I'd think you'd have to work up on the C tho, as one might get diarrhea otherwise...


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    Yes I need to start a list of everything to bring up to doc!
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    There are a lot of people using Rife along with Salt and C and getting good results.