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    Here is the letter that I sent to Oprah...somehow I thought it might be a good idea to keep the show topic more general to chronic pain. Some of the celerities that are part the this exhibition below have FMS...anyway, this is my best effort for starters.


    Dear Oprah,

    There is a photo exhibition on tour at this very moment, as a tribute to 50 million Americans who live with persistent pain. The photo exhibition is sponsored by "Partners Against Pain" in an effort to raise social awareness regarding chronic pain conditions and the need for support of such. Here is an example of the many generous celebrities who have taken the stand: Debbie Allen, Corbin Bernsen, Bo Derek, Karen Duffy, Olympia Dukakis, Mia Farrow, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Tony Randall, Christopher Reeve, Doris Roberts, Joe Theismann, and the late Robert Urich.

    It would be outstanding if you were to dedicate a show in support of those of us who suffer with chronic pain conditions. Many doctors are unaware of supportive statistics that encourage treatment. I live with conditions that are note worthy on MRI's, labs and assorted studies; many do not have evidence supporting their pain conditions, and their pain conditions are just as real. Please help us to educate Americans and join our cause to chip away at the stigma that keeps so many of us living with unnecessary and additional pain. This stigma lives in our families, friends, co-workers, physicians and society at large.

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    Hi,JP,I copied and pasted your letter to Oprah.I just added at the end,Awareness Day May 12th.And of course my name.((((HUGS)))) Beth