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    I think this is very interesting and it talks about
    how Silver Water is used all over the world...

    And if Fibro is a virus then it should be an Idea for
    a cure....

    And no blue men...

    This is science not a roach clip hooked to batteries...
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    U.Va. Engineering Professor Works to Improve Drinking Water in Developing Countries

    By Kathryn Welsh
    Photo by Tom Cogill

    Professor James Smith is researching the potential of using clay pots to purify water supplies in developing countries.

    The prevalence of waterborne diseases in the developing world continues to endanger a significant portion of the world’s population.

    Water, although necessary for human survival, is responsible for the second highest number of childhood fatalities through the spread of waterborne diseases, according to UNICEF. Severely limited human, political, monetary and natural resources in these regions are preventing necessary improvements.

    James Smith, a professor in the U.Va. Engineering School’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is researching the potential of using clay pots to purify water supplies in areas of the developing world.

    The ambitious United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people that are unable to reach or afford healthy drinking water by 2015 requires a quick and effective water purification solution. For more than 10 years, Potters for Peace, a U.S.-based non-profit organization, has been supporting that goal by developing and distributing clay filtration devices worldwide.

    The technology grabbed the interest of Smith, during his one-year sabbatical as the William R. Kenan, Jr. Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton University. The filters, which are made from clay, water and a combustible material such as sawdust, rice husks or flour, are heated in a kiln to combust the organic material, creating tiny pores that allow water flow, but trap bacteria and other pathogens. Additionally, a layer of colloidal silver coats the filter, lodges in the filter’s pores, and helps kill the bacteria and pathogens as they flow through. Intrigued by the filters, which are simply constructed using local natural and human resources, Smith submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to research this technology.

    “At first glance, the Potters for Peace product seemed to be a very practical ceramic filtration system, but it was merely backed up by ‘grey literature’ [i.e., unindexed, often undocumented] publications and lacked solid research on the technology,” says Smith. “To fully evaluate the effectiveness of the design, it was essential to conduct research on the filter’s ability to remove pathogens and turbidity and to understand the human health impacts associated with the leaching of the colloidal silver into the drinking water.”

    To complete this study of the filters, Smith teamed up with the Ixtatán Foundation, a Charlottesville-based organization that works to improve local education, sanitation facilities and the water treatment system in San Mateo Ixtatán, a Mayan community in Guatemala. Together with the support of the NSF, the organizations completed the field work to systematically evaluate the design and performance of the Potters for Peace ceramic filters in Guatemala.

    “Our team was very interested in finding out how the filters worked with daily use in a culture characterized by a lack of education and literacy,” said Beth-Neville Evans, director of the Ixtatán Foundation. “We also needed to determine what would be involved in successfully educating a family on how to properly use and maintain the filter.”

    “We were very happy with the results from the study,” said Smith. “We were able to remove over 95 percent of the coliform bacteria in the water, and 58 out of 60 families involved in the study were comfortable with using the filters and happy with their performance.”

    The most recent efforts in Guatemala have been focused on identifying the health risks associated with the colloidal silver layer that coats the filter.

    “Our team is currently conducting a study involving 120 Guatemalan families to fully research the effects of the silver layer,” says Smith. “We want to ensure that the added colloidal silver technology does not take away from the filter’s ability to provide clean drinking water that improves human health.”

    Across the Atlantic Ocean, Smith, in collaboration with Rebecca Dillingham, M.D., of the U.Va. School of Medicine and faculty from the University of Rhode Island and the University of Venda in South Africa, has been working on a related project to determine whether these filters may benefit HIV-positive patients undergoing anti-retroviral therapy (ART) in the Limpopo province of South Africa, a geographic region characterized by poor water quality and widespread AIDS.

    “Staying healthy without access to clean water is almost impossible for HIV-positive patients, even for those receiving treatment,” says Dr. Dillingham. “Exposure to the wide variety of pathogens that exist in contaminated water commonly results in grave consequences including death.”

    At the beginning of last summer, the research team began a study of the pots with 80 HIV-positive patients in Limpopo. The health of these patients is continually monitored on a weekly basis throughout the yearlong field study.

    “Our team is optimistic about the current progression of the study and the possibility of expanding this type of research in the future,” says Dr. Dillingham. “We are confident in the ability of this filtration technology to provide clean water to areas that have been disrupted by natural disaster and war, or places that have not established strong municipal water systems. Additionally, we would like these filters to become an integral component of an AIDS treatment package to fight the worldwide epidemic.”
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    Colloidal Silver Gens all over the world..

    Just sent a few large generators to Africa....
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    I could cut and paste everything but someone commplained that I did that....

    Next time I will....

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    jam - you're welcome

    rocky - I think that when someone complained before it had to do with copywrite stuff, and in the case of this article there was a link to post it to facebook, so I figured it would be ok to post here

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