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    So many people responded to that posting i put up about the visit with the rheumy who was so rude to me, I thought I wanted to keep going a bit.
    To mcbarb: the Dr. i saw is not on the North Shore. He is the head of Rheumetology at Boston Univ. Hosp./ Boston Medical.
    I would be interested in hearing about your visit with the Dr. north of Boston. That's where I live.
    Someone on another post recommended a Dr. Goldberg at Newton Wellesley Hosp. That's a long drive. I would like to find someone closer.
    Thanks to all who replied, all who have suffered because of the inconsiderate behavior of a doctor like mine, who basically couldn't fit his head in the door.
    It WAS like a factory line approach, as someone else mentioned. One patient every 15 minutes at $250 a pop.
    Oh, well. We have to keep searching.
    Can't give up.
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    Do a search on Goldberg on Google, you'll find info on him. He sounds very interesting. He also has a book out. It takes like 3 months to get an appointment. I'm booked but they said they don't take appt without referrals because he wants your primary to actually follow his instructions. He'll see you, go over all your info, exam, decide on meds or set you up with someone to manage meds and then send a report back to your primary. He'll follow you up in a yr. I'm pretty sure that's what they told me on the phone about 2 months ago. After the initial appt, which is covered by insurance, you have another group meeting not covered by insurance that you must pay out of pocket (informational meeting). I'd check him out if you can get a referral. Keep in touch, Barb