More on itching. I'm desperate

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rainshadow, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Rainshadow

    Rainshadow New Member

    I've already posted this in response to another thread but decided to start another one in case it gets lost in the fray. That shows how anxious I am about it.
    I am coming out of the worst flare I've ever had and itching is one of the things I am having a lot of trouble dealing with. My skin usually itches during the winter but it's controlable. I completely overdid this summer because I had felt so good since March. The flare just sneaked up on me like a sledge hammer. I'm just now feeling human after almost two months. Thank God for my doctor. However, it's the itching that we can't seem to control. I want to claw my scalp off at times and my upper torso is also driving me crazy. I use Sarna lotion that was recommended by my pharmacist and it helps some. I practically bathe in it several times a day. Does anyone know of a shampoo that will really do any good? The doc suggested Selsun Blue and said he would give me a lotion if that didn't help. I forgot to mention it to him yesterday when I saw him since I didn't have it written down and it wasn't itching then. I put in a call late Friday and will hopefully have an answer Monday. However if anyone else has a possible solution I would be oeverjoyed to hear it. Thanks in advance
  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Poor thing! I went thru a period of that, and got great relief in my scalp by using a clear, non-greasy product called Scalpicin. It worked just great, like putting drops of water on your head.

    At the same time, however, I was having liver problems and itching is somehow connected to some types of liver disorders, so you might ask your dr. to check it out, or just take some milk thistle to try to help it process toxins and see if that helps the itching.

    I also like plain old 100% aloe vera gel; goes on messy, but oh, sooo soothing!

    Hope you find some answers!

  3. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I'm not sure what tests you've done but I do know kidney problems can result in intense itching. It might be worth looking into if you've already been to the dermatologist.

    Another issue could by blood pressure and temperature changes.

    I have always had trouble with itchiness also. It could just be part of this dd but I never consider that good enough. Everything is caused by something and if you can find the cause you might be able to attack the problem.

    Good luck.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    and got relief from non drowsy antihistamines , until I discovered my itching was due to FABRIC softener . Now i avoid it , and I also use ALL detergent that is free of allergens . That helped . For months I broke out in hives until I figured it out .

    You could try an OTC antihistamine like claritin ( generic available ) and that will help calm things down without making you sleepy .It will give you significant relief.

    Also , you can use Benadryl Lotion topically on the itchy places on your skin . It works well.

    You might consider that the itchy scalp is a reaction to a shampoo and try a baby shampoo for a while and see if it helps.

    You may also want to watch your diet as itching can be a symptom of food allergy , as well as of contact dermatitis .

    If your skin is dry , as mine is , keep baby oil in the shower and lather it on after bathing . It is cheap and
    a good moisturizer .

    I know the itching is like torture . The claritin helped me a lot .

  5. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Here are some more ideas:

    Massage your scalp to improve circulation.

    Avoid using alkaline based shampoos.

    Try a jojoba oil based shampoo and use it regularly.
    Intersperse the jojoba shampoo with an over the counter dandruff shampoo once a week: look for zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide or coal-tar formulas.

    Try a final rinse of one cup warm water mixed with two to three tablespoons of white vinegar. This will also bring out the highlights in your hair and make it shiny.

    Massage table salt into your dry scalp before shampooing with an acid-based shampoo.

    Try an oil treatment in which you massage olive oil into your hair and scalp, cover your hair with plastic wrap and with two wet towels. Keep the towels on your head for twenty minutes, then remove oil with two washings.

    Hope you find relief soon.
  6. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I am on Day 17 of an unbearable itch - on my back, scalp, face, arms, legs, the insides of my eyelids and ears and also my chest, in that order. I have had this problem before (probably due to my messed-up liver) and this is what I have been doing:

    Aveeno baths in warm/cool water. It helps but doesn't last.
    Same with baking soda baths.
    I stopped all supplements a few days ago.
    Benadryl would make sense except that I am allergic to the pink dye in the pills and the dye-free ones aren't available in Canada. I take Reactine instead. If you can find dye-free Benadryl, give it a try.

    I eliminated fabric softener and scented detergents years ago - not only on my clothes but on my sheets, towels, etc. too.

    I hope that you get rid of this itch. I know how awful it is!


  7. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I have arm and leg itching occasionally, but when it happens I feel like I'm going out of my mind!

    I was told it is another FM thing, a way for pain to escape the body.
  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    This sounds awful.Try the benydryl. Hope it helps.
  9. Rainshadow

    Rainshadow New Member

    My gosh, I live on the Peninsula too. About half way between PA and Sequim. I was in Sunny Farms just today and if I had read your post before then I would have gotten some. I have a biofeedback session in Sequim tomorrow so I'll stop and get some then.
    I apologize to all of you for not reading your responses sooner. I've been in such a fog I forgot until today I had posted the plea. Thanks to all of you for all your help and caring. Several ideas sounded appealing and like they might work. Others I've tried and it sent me up the wall. But I do appreciate all the responses and ideas.
    Love, Rainshadow
  10. Rainshadow

    Rainshadow New Member

    I already take Claritin for allergies. I eliminated fabric softener and all scented products for my skin and laundry. No difference. There's nothing new in my diet that could be causing it. I really think it's just a result of the flare. I always itch a little in the winter and when the humidity is low like it has been this summer. But it's nothing like this. I've never had itchy scalp like this either. The doctor suggested Selsun Blue which is really gentle. It doesn't make my scalp burn but it doesn't help the itching either. I'm going to try the Biotine that ouch suggested since I'm close to the store where she bought it. Thanks for your baby oil suggestion. I'll use it instead of the expensive Alpha Keri that I have.
  11. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    And try Dove for sensitive skin. I had a terrible rash one time and I went to the dermatologist and after a question and answer conversation, we decided it was a med I had been given for migraine called Bellergal. One doctor had told me it was scabies. Shriekkkkkkkk!
  12. wazoo

    wazoo New Member

    Hi, I can relate to your itching problem. when mine gets really bad and sometimes it feels like internal itching also> I take Benedryl. Have you tired it?

    Good Luck and hugs!
    Hope this helps
  13. Toga

    Toga Member

    before I was diagnosed with FM. I went to an Allergist first. I was not allergic to much but dust.

    I had been going to a Dermatologist who tried 3 different rx creams. I just got worse.

    She finally talked me into having skin tests done. She tested me on 52 different things. Included were samples of things I used at home ie. shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, dish detergent, soaps etc. etc.

    Well I was allergic to 38 of them. I had to make a lot of changes but they worked.

    The Dr. realized I was allergic to the creams rx'd. She gave me one that helped. I switched to fragrance free soaps and lotions.

    I started rinsing all my clothes, towels, sheets etc with a full cycle of nothing but water to make sure detergent was out of the fabrics.

    I started using fragrance-free lotion (I like Vaseline lotion, having tried them all) every time I bathed or showered. This is something I had never done much. I was born with oily skin and thought I didn't need to.

    I switched to Dawn Plus Hand Care in the kitchen. My hands had been horrible, even bleeding.

    All this helped so much. The only problem I had was finding hair care products that didn't make me itch yet I liked for my hair.

    But I finally found Aveda Products. They work great, smell wonderful and no itching. The only problem is that they are expensive but I buy in larger containers. This makes it cheaper per ounce.

    Good luck. I know what you are going through. It was awful. I think it could drive you crazy and you feel so stupid, scratching all the time.

    I suggest the skin tests so you can find out what you are allergic to. I also feel it goes along with FM. So many of us have such sensitive skin.


    PS Now that I do everything I should I can be in the sun without any problems. (I used to itch more in the sun.) I always use sunscreen. I found using a 45 SPF Baby sunscreen (Like Baby Coppertone or the store brand) works for me. And I still get a tan.
  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I read through the other replies quickly to see if anyone mentioned what I'm thinking.

    It could be legs itched terribly before I was put on medications for this condition. And many of us will become Hypothyroid, like a chain reaction type of illness.

    Please check with your Doctors....dry itching skin is a sign of Hypothyroid as is most of our everyday symptoms. In fact, I even know when my thyroid is "off" because my legs go back to itching like they used to.

    And by itching I put tons of lotion on each time I use the bathroom (every hour) and I could still just take a set of claws and dig, dig and dig to try to make it feel better.

    Although solutions are wonderful, finding the root cause of the itching itself might help you more.


    Nancy B
  15. Rainshadow

    Rainshadow New Member

    Where do I find Aveda products? If the Biotine shampoo doesn't help I'll try that next. I had my thyroid tested at the beginning of the flare. No problem there. I can't stress enough that the itching hit like a ton of bricks at the same time the freight train that was this flare hit. I really think it will dissipate as I get better and better. It's been two months now since this all started. It's only this week that I've become articulate enough to post anything. The usual fibro fog was the worst along with extreme anxiety. I would cry at the drop of a hat. I would blame the itching on new medication for the anxiety and increased oxycodone use but the itching came before I went to the doctor for the flare. I also had severe problems with asthma (I have COPD). I haven't had an asthma episode since I was a child. We eliminated all the dust from the housse (finally got a cleaning lady) and it helped tremendously. That and a new inhaler. Which was also started after the severe itching began. I have high hopes for the decrease eventually but I "really" want to get rid of it now. The odd thing is that the itching is primarily confined to my scalp and upper torso. Only my ankles itch, and sporadically at that, below about my hip level. Doesn't matter how loose my clothing is or how cottony soft. The damn itching is still there.
    Thanks again for all your help and I'll try the new suggestions.
  16. encantare

    encantare New Member

    Have you started any new medications or increased any of your doses lately? Or at the time when the itching started? I had an allergic reaction to Ultram and it manifested itself as itching. Just a thought. I hope you can find some relief!
  17. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Your answer makes me think it could be thyroid even more.

    Crying at the top of a hat, extreme anxiety, fibro fog so bad you couldn't type...all very much the same symptoms I had when my thyroid decided to go hypo.

    And my itching was only really on my legs and mostly thighs.

    Anyway, there are new guidelines for thyroid patients and some doctors don't yet use them although medication would surely help so many.

    I'm not a doctor, it just makes me curious. Maybe you could do a search and see for yourself if any of your symptoms click with hypothyroidism. I use for most of my information on thyroid problems.

    Hugs and good luck,

    Nancy B.
  18. Rainshadow

    Rainshadow New Member

    I'll try the trick with the baking soda with the shampoo this morning. I do use a fair amount of product on my hair.
    About Sequim:
    No I don't own the nursery named Rainshadow. I started using rainshadow as part of my handle when I started participating in a football board years ago. I've since changed that handle completely but I use rainshadow for other things. We're retired military and have lived here almost 10 years now. And love it.
    I go to Dr. Geren in PA. He's wonderful. He's an internest that I started seeing about 3 and a half years ago when I had a really bad experience with another doctor. Damn near died. I have cardiac problems which is the primary reason for going to Dr. Geren. I also use a cardiologist in Seattle. I chose Geren because I felt an internist was much better for me than a mere family practitioner and it turned out to be true. He's the one that diagnosed the fibro. He allows me to explore all sorts of alternatives and says I've taught him more about fibro than he's learned elsewhere! I have read most of the books on the subject and feel I am about as informed as I can be.
    I would be interested in meeting you and your friend. But it's going to have to wait until I'm really back on my feet again. It takes me forever to compose posts and I am still easily exhausted. Thanks for your help.
  19. Kat1966

    Kat1966 New Member

    My father had psoriasis really bad, and his doctor prescribed a shampoo called selsun orange. It is a tar based shampoo and it seemed to help him. I had used it a few times and it worked for me. good luck

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