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    It looks like the "Help On Labs" post got some helpful responses. I need help too! A little history to help answer three main questions.

    Why would CH50 be high?
    Why would CRP be high?
    Have these high labs shown up in FMS and CFS?

    Recently, I have been diagnosed with FMS CFS.

    This "started" when after excercise, I got Trigeminal Neuralgia 7/2004. (Childbirth is a peice of cake)

    I was paced on Tegritol, and this took care of the pain after 2 weeks, (Also took care of muscle/skel. pain) and after 2 months, due to HUGE cognitive decline, I weaned myself off and had little trouble with TN since.

    At that time, an MRI was ordered, and showed 7 3 -5 mm lesions on white matter over temporal lobes and occipital lobes. ("brain fog" and extreme fatigue and overall body pain contined to be my major complaints...

    Noteworthy, at that time labs were ordered, including C3 and C4 -- all WNL, however, CH50 was way outside normal limits, reading HIGH at 366. ("normal" is 150.) I believe this indicated that "something" was going on. I was told my body was "fighting something". But my Primary and local neurologist said "we don't know". It has been my experience that mainline docs no very little about this lab and why it would be high, as it was the expectation that it would be low... (that they know about). Additionally, I have not found research or doctors who can tell me about why CH50 would be high. (Anyone here know?)

    Anyway, because of overall body trembling when I lay down (like flu/fever fatigue) EEG was ordered and I was wrongly diagnosed with TLE. I was placed on Tomamax...

    Weeks after, in october, 2004 I develeoped SEVERE bilateral large joint pain -- starting with right knee, then left, then right and left elbows, radiating up and down both arms, especially forwarms -- then hips and wrists. This lasted for three months. I could not walk, used a walker and lost abilities to do simple ADLs. Again, labs WNL again, except very high CRP -- 22.7 high doses of narcs hardly touched this pain... ER twice.

    ER doctor thought this was r/t Topamax -- Neuro Doc said no. I rationalized, that because I never had seizures before, (and I had one on this drug) DCing Topamax could not hurt.

    6 weeks later, in a 3 day 24/7 EEG study, it was determined that I have "wicket spikes" that resemble epilespy form and are considered "normal". (Wicket Spikes are found unsually in men over 70. And little is know about why they would appear in someone like me -- a 44 year old woman.)

    Throughout the year 2005, I had low grade fever and my CRP raged between 8 - 11. Interestly, within the last few months labs now are WNL, however I am not fee from symptoms, and have great fatigue.

    After countless tests, I have been diagnoses with secondary FMS with CFS symptoms. CH50 has not been repeated. (though I am very curious about this... I wonder what defensive protein was my body making and why?)

    Currently, I am preparing for a visit to big city specialists in FMS and CFS as I still experience much pain, with extreme fatigue... Hopefully the specialists will be able to tell what is and what is not FMS and CFS.

    On aside, FYI... I started mega B12 IM injections. I have noticed a decrease in muscle twitching which at times is quite promounced, and some increased clearity in thinking. I seem to "feel" like have more energy, however I am not sure I do and it does nothing for the pain.

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    Anyone have any info on this for me?

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