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    I appreciate all the kind words. I am touched that so many of you understood the Butterfly and how it made me think it was my Mom letting me know she is well. I have to tell you I didnt make the connection when it first landed on me, but the more I thought about it, I realized I had never had that happen before.

    I have to make one more mention. My Mom was a very simple woman, didnt wear expensive or fancy clothes, wore very little makeup, but she was a natural beauty in my eyes. She was a warm, simple loving woman, who asked for nothing for herself, and had very little in the way of material possessions. That is what she wanted. To be simple I think. She had all of our love, my Dad who she had been married to for 54 years.

    Anyway what I was getting at is that the butterfly that visited me at the cemetery, was pretty but very plain. It was a full size butterfly, in all neutral colors, not loud or colorful. Just like my Mom!!!!

    Kristina, I would love to hear from you more. I am fascinated by your gift and would like to hear more of what you have to say. I am also going to look for that book Hello from Heaven that was mentioned. I cannot wait to read it.

    Thanks everyone, you truly are my friends. I dont have many "real" friends anymore, and you all help me so much.

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    I was sorryto hear about the lose of your mother. The butterfly was a sign from her.
    I lost my mother 8 years ago on July 9. I feel that at times when I feel that I need her most there will be a sign that she is close.

    My husband lost his father on July 13 of last year. Right after we got word that he passed away my husband was out side and a hummingbirg flew from the feeder and got at face level and just stayed there as if to say I am ok, and the rest of the summer that hummingbird seemed to show up.
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    I just finished reading the other thread and you are a blessed woman. The relationship with your motherwas more special than you realize.

    There are so many more out here that were cheated of our mothers. I did have 2 surroigate mothers who I turned to when I neeed advice.

    I lost my mother years ago,because she was never there for me, now she is layiing in a nursing home and no matter what I do when I come she never changes.

    The one funeral I attended that did have a sign of some sorts. My husband's (at the time) grandmother died. They were pure ole county people, even had granny in the house for 2 days before the funeral.

    Granny was not one of the niceest people you have ever met.
    Her funeral plot was on top a hill with a small path. It was warm in April like in the 60's and sunny.

    When the service was about to be over and they started to lower the casket in the grave, the worst wind came, temp dropped and then huge pieces of hail was peltted down on us.

    But not the other side of the street. That was in 1987 and I will never forget. We all just there and some said, I guess still isn't happy- so she got the last word.

    This a true story, just not touching such as yours and the others on the other thread.

    Your angels can come in any form they want, they want to let you know it is them. I am still waiting for my angel but I feel I will be the angel instead. Carla
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    I just responed to your other thread..but I still believe it was your mother..I have a good friend who lost her daugher 6 years ago and has some amazing butterfly stories regarding her and her daughter.

    My husband lost his mother and I had the same experience with the humming bird the morning after her death..I was out doing what had to be done i the garden before we headed back to the city to take care of arrangements and such and a humming bird was just inches from my face and just stayed there...I talked to her and told her that I was glad that she made it ok and thanked her for coming to let me know she was ok and that I would try to take care of her family the best I could.

    I would like to also hear more from Kristina!!!!!!

    Keep your eyes,ears heart and mind open!!

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