More on the weight gain..... (no quick fixes)

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    Thank you for all of your responses.....AND no one should pass judgement on anyone for taking control and trying something that might just change your life, actually you need all the support you can get. YOU GO GIRL, we must be brave and open minded do our homework to know all the facts.

    AND HOW MUCH WEIGHT? Oh dear, I have put on over 50 lbs. I am 5'3 1/2" and in my worst moment I weighed in at 180! I must have gone in shock because the reality of my obesity was just too much at that time. I have lost some I am now around 162 but was doing better and then gained at least 5-10lbs back!!!!! SO I don't think I was exagerating was I?

    I never have in my life been able to stick with following a diet but I can get the gist of it and eat the right foods which in the past had worked but now that things have changed nothing seems to work.

    Thanks again for sharing all your experiences with this, I am going to keep searching and working for some kind of remedy for this mess.
    HUGS to ALL........Pam
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    at the very least!!!! I am so glad you have support at home THAT in itself plays a huge part in the success of anything this personal. SO, consider YOURSELF hugged my dear friend, May the power be with you and I would love to be posted about how you are doing, OK? Hang in there, If you have a good dr. and everything feels right you are halfway home I would think. Stay in touch ..WARM HUGS.....Pam