more pain and fatique than usual, brusing as well very tender to the touch

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    I spent a day playing with my grandkids, We walked around the small zoo that is in the park close to my house. I sat and watched the kids run around looking at the animals. We stood a long time waiting for the shaved ice that the kids wanted, by the time I had mine made adn walked to the closeset bench my legs were complaining and did n't want to move. Later on I went in to the store to grab a few things . the babies were sleeping so i hurried by my self, I wasa wlking around when I got the worst shooting apin in my butt cheeks, this hit all of my butt cheek and about knocked me off my feet. By the time we got to my house I was almost in tears from fatique and pain. Today I have slept off and on , I am so sleepy but can't fall alseep now.

    I noticed that I have bruses on my left arm that are tender to being rubbed with lotion, or just having clothes rub against them. I don't remember having so tender bruise's on my body that hurt so badly.
    I really feel like I have been flattened by a mack truck adn they a steam roller. Some where some one must have disclocated my left hip pulling it out at the socket from the side.

    I can't do thins much more as the pain gets to be out of control and I can't live with this pain any more. Does any one have any suggestions ? I am going to look some relaxing tapes to help me unwind at night. I can't take all this added pain and not sleeping. I just want to find soe thing to help me eawe in to a restful state. and find a way to relax my muscles and body.

    Thanks for you time.