More pain in my hips, foot, what is going on now?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Just tonight my hips started aching horriably, it feels like I have been the barbie doll and some one had pulled my hips off in a stradle spilt and they popped off. I feel like I have been pulled apart and don't know why, Don't know why walking or standing on my right foot causes pain so bad that I want to scream.

    Why can't I just have the "Normal symptoms that every one has, I don't want any new ones that I don't understand. But I get them any way"

    My body is yelling at me about the severe pain it is in. I don't know why but along with the hips acheing my ribs hurt alot, when i take a deep breathe they hurt , wearing my bra is painfull and touching certian spots on my rib cage is a bad thing to do as it causes alot of pain.

    I don't get it why do the symptoms keep changeing, is it from fibro, MPS, Spinal Stenosis, osteo-arthritis, what ever else is going on with my body. I hate this pain so much, I hate the ever changeing pain from this DD.
    Thanks for listening to me vent,
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    For the new pains I have. I didn't sleep well as usual, I slept in the recliner as I usually do and then went to bed but I thought that my 20 month old grandson was going to be spending the morning with us I got up earlier than I wanted to. Only to find that Hubby had the baby at the park. His mommy was late getting in to town for the wedding so she called grandpa and they met up and he took the baby to the park for a few hours. His Mom called me later on after I had gone baack to sleep for a while. I met her at my Mom's and there was my sweet cranky grandson. He thought that 10 minutes was long enough for a nap and really it is not.

    WE visited a while and I even got to see my SIL and neice and nephew and nephew's girl friend. I think that my SIL has the feeling that she is not welcome very much. Her comment was that she could not stay long due to having to get girl friend home before 9 pm and she didn't want to stay where she was not wanted. HMMM now why would she think that? MY brother was not with them so she was welcome. Just family issues that are out of control and there have been too many misunderstandings between my brother and me and my family.

    So in the end I got to see grandson Spencer and had a nice visit with him even if he was cranky.
    I did the one errand I had after I got Mom some dinner{ Daughter who lives with my Mom is out of town visting her inlaws over night}, I came home and found that no matter how I sit or recline my hips hurt like they have been pulled apart, my arms , shoulders, ribs are all cuasing me more pain than usual, as per the notice of pain meds.

    I have been reducing all my meds mostly the pain pills. I have reduced my intake of Mscontin from 500 mg a day to 120 a day, { went from taking 5 100 mg pills to takeing 2 60 mg pills. changed short acting to hydromphone 4 mg started with 4 pills a day now am at 3 pills daily. will be working on getting that one down too soon.} Then I will work on the soma, visteril and Xanax.

    I don't think I will ever be totally off all pain pills but it is my goal to be off the mscontin and taking the least amount of hydrocodone as possiable and the leasat amount of all the other meds as well.
    I have been on pain pills for a long time and I am sick of taking pills that really dont' help me much.
    I have not tried some of the suggestions that were talked about, most cost alot of money and I don't have a lot of it. I do take my vit D daily 2000mcg, and calcium, as well as vit B12 sublingual 2500 mcg. I have found that these do help me with nerve pain.
    I some times get really frustertaed that no one knows why we {me} get new pain full symptoms for no reason, I really wish that there was a reason that I could tell my girls. some thing that they could understand and accept. But so far there is nothing and they don't understand the pain from fibro, mps and end-stage oeoteo-arthritis mixed together gets to be unbearable to live with. Some times it gets so bad that there is nothing that helps ease it and I can't do any thing but stay home and rest in bed. I get so fatiqued that I doze off in the afternoon and girls think that it is due to me taking pain pills but I dont' take any during the day time hours. {Well after 6 am any way. I don't take any more till 9:30 pm}

    TOnight my wrist is very painfull, it is my left wrist and I shattered it just over 8 yrs ago and to fix it I had to have a titaimum plate and screws to put me together again.. One of the screws has come lose and when it moves it causes alot of pain. The cure it to have surgery and have every thing old taken out and new put it and that does not sound like fun to me. Only causing me more pain and a nasty flare to go with it.

    I feel like I am falling apart, I trip over my shadow and bump into things so easliy. I try not to be klutzy but well I have been a klutz all of my life why change now? Mom told me a few times that as a child , she would hear me crying and ask me what happened and I would tell her I fell, what did you fall off of she asked, Me "the floor".

    Thank you for letting me vent it does help reduce my stress levels. May be one day some one will find the answers I am looking for and then I will understand why I am in so much pain all the time. I am not holding my breath waiting for the answers.
    HUGS to all,

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