more pain when sick?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sweetbeatlvr, Sep 23, 2009.

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    just a question for everyone, as i havn't been really sick since getting FM (a little over 2 years).

    i've been hurting pretty bad for about a week now. it's been raining alot here, so i figured it was because of the pressure being up in the air.

    well, it turns out, i am sick with something, and i'm thinking it's the flu.

    yesterday, and into the night, i had the most intense body aches i have ever had. so much so, that i cried most of the evening away. it was AWFUL.

    i'm still sick, but i just feel beat up today, not the tortuous aching (although i'm afraid of how i'm gonna feel as the day progresses).

    for those w/ FM: do you hurt more when you're sick?

    i know, the last time i had the flu (a little before i got FM), i ached, but nothing like i did yesterday. i was seriously contemplating going to the ER, because i just couldn't take it. i ended up taking an extra Zanaflex to knock me out, so i wouldn't feel it.

    can anyone share there experiences with me?

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    you know, it is funny, and I have heard others here say this too, but since I was diagnosed with FM I seem to get sick less, especially colds. I had the flu 2 or 3 years ago and it felt about the same as when I had it before I got dx'd, but having said that, it makes sense that more pain would go along with an illness, especailly the flu.

    Of course, no one really knows what FM is, but you know that one of the theories is that it is, or causes, an increased pain response, possibly from overactive nerves, and you know that is true since what hurts us does not bother others. So since the flu causes aches in the "normal" person, why not worse aches in the already aching person?

    I pray that you feel better very soon.
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    It certainly sounds like you have some kind of a bad virus, and I hope you recover quickly! Sorry to hear you're feeling so badly.

    I too can't remember when the last time was I was really sick in the past 7 years, other than horrible FM flares. I just don't seem to catch anything else. (Hope I didn't jinx myself!) BUT the last time I had the flu...about 4 years ago (I was dx'd with FM 7 years ago), I actually felt better..less pain, and less headache. Just knew I was sick because of the horribly stuffed head, terrible sore throat and racking cough....but the pain was not there! Very strange stuff indeed..................Jole
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    I havent really been sick either...but if I get a common cold I just feel worse.. LOL anything thing out of routine makes me hurt more LOL
  5. OH MAN do I EVER!

    I too, like others, went years* without really getting sick... maybe even without a head/chest cold one year in there- having young nieces & nephews that I have, & hubby's family being SOOO large.... I catch something EVERYTIME I go near them. Them & Wal-Mart...

    I've had THE FLU *3* times, in the last 2 yrs... and I tell you, I don't sleep much, if at all, in the middle of the ugliest stuff (fever, etc)... I ran a fever last Sept of 101.6 (this was 3 days after I'd been taking 'preventative' cold medicine, cuz hubby had it first....)

    God only knows how high it may have been prior, or without cold medicine... and I have to watch that, due to a medical condition I was born with, that is rare- but a high fever that can trigger seizures, etc- could kill me... or my body will burn it's muscles up-*literally*. This was thought to occur ONLY when triggered by anesthesia... but, they are finding out now- totally not the case with MH (Malignant Hyperthermia)

    Anyways- back on track, though... yes, my body just feels HORRIBLE- yes, almost ER trip misery... in fact, if it weren't for THEE MOST EVIL MAN ON EARTH that works nights in the ER.. I may have gone last flu...

    I believe because I have so many stealth infections, (2 viral, 2 bacterial, systemic yeast(Fungal)... one, or more, in the last 2-3 years, have 'reactivated' during (or causing) these 'flus'

    3 yrs ago- after a 'simple' chest cold (they ALWAYS took me months to get rid of, no less than 6wks- since I can remember, really) with this particular 'cold' ALL it was... was (sorry!) tons, & tons of mucous... and (LIME GREEN) err.. nasal stuff.

    Never even went to chest, never had headache, nothing...
    THE MINUTE that stuff passed- my ENTIRE- and I DO MEAN ENTIRE- fingers & toes included- suffered the most tremendous, widespread arthritis attack I have ever known- day 3 I was in AGONY- my sister & husband worked around the clock, wrapping me with thermacare wraps, bengay, icy hot, etc type wraps, cutting them to size, stretching them, taping them on my shoulders with medical tape.... I was out of my mind in pain on day 3, and up for 2 nights by then..

    Hubby called my integrative doc then (he saw me *very* frequently, I miss him terribly- but out of pocket $$$) and the doc called in Decadron (steroid... gentler on some people than Prednisone) and pain pills.

    Within a VERY short period of time after the first steroid dose, I was 50% better!

    The next day when I went to see him, I was 85% better (kinda like taking the car to a mechanic, after it's made the same noise for SIX MONTHS.... and all of a sudden.. car quits making the noise, lol)

    I was just thrilled to be out of pain- and when hubby had called, I never could have made it in, anyways... but, I SOOO wish he could have visited me, AND done bloodwork, when I was in that bad of shape.

    He did, at my request, later on, order my EBV titres... to see if it had reactivated.... but, I believe, even if it had been, we checked too late.

    If your pain gets in the joints during flu- which, yes, I know every flu medicine even says 'body/joint aches' formula... I'd still say, just for an 'interesting read' if nothing else..

    (I found this MONTHS after my ordeal- had never once heard of it before then)

    Look up "Infectious Arthritis" I've no doubt whatsoever that this is what I had suffered that time.

    I hope to never, EVER experience that again... but, want others to know about it..