More prayers needed please............

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    I'm back needing more prayers please......

    Well I have been out of work a little over a month now. I do not have short term disability through my work. So I am completing the paperwork for the long term disability, but have to be out of work 4 months before it will begin paying, if I am approved.

    In the meantime, we are not making it on my husband's salary. We are sinking fast. Two of our children has birthdays in December and Christmas for all three kids.

    My husband and I have only been married for a little over two years, he came with two boys and I had one son of my own. All the boys live with us. My son and I have lived in a house that my mom owns for the past 11 years. My ex-husband has never paid child support and so my mom has never asked us for rent or anything. I guess she knew that I never had the money. She has always tried to help my son and I in anyway that she could.

    She introduced me to the man that is now my husband. First time she ever set me up on a date. Well she seems to be angry that things worked out for us and that we are HAPPILY married. It appears that she is jealous. I mean that before my husband I had a lot more time for her. Now, with a husband and bigger family a lot of my times goes to them.

    Many of you may remember from previous posts that my mom and I found my brother dead in his bed on June 30th. This has been really hard for us to come to terms with. The shock from this and my cousins sudden death on April 27th, and the sudden death of my cat about 6 weeks ago has thrown me into a deep depression. Which, those of us with fibro. know has caused me to flare.

    Well my mom seems that think that I should be working, NO MATTER WHAT. Since she is already not happy about my marriage, step children and the death of my brother, (her biological son, she is my step-mom) she decided that at this very difficult time with NO MONEY she would sit us down, my husband, myself and her pastor and tell us that we need to start paying rent. She would like for this to begin January 2008. She said this would give us a month or so to get things together.

    Okay, one, get what together??? I am without income right now, as the doctor just took me out on disability. Two, it is the end of November already. December is the month that most people spend the most money of the whole entire year. And she wants rent beginning January 1st.

    We have NO MONEY right now and I am very hurt and upset. My husband keeps telling me that we are a FAMILY and that we will work this out.

    I am trying not to sound ungrateful, she has done so much for me and my son all our life. But, what poor timing. Part of me feels that she is doing this because she thinks I should be working. Some days it is all I can do to get out of the bed and make it to the bathroom and back.

    (My mom actually said that if we can't make it on my husbands income and I'm not going to just get up and go to work then my husband needs to get a 2nd job)

    If you could please pray that we ALL can let GOD work this out for us. That we (mostly me) will rely on GOD and not let satan get the best of me. I am completly overwhelmed and I feel that all this stress is killing my husband. He is working so hard and trying to provide, still take care of me and all of us. He never complains, he has this laid back personality and I can see the stress on his face.

    I know that this is very long, and I do apologize.

    Thanks for all your prayers.