More Prayers Needed Vol 2 !!

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    I added to the same thread down below and it didn;pt bump up like I thought it would. So, I am just writing this for you all to check the old thread below with the same name !

    Prayers desperatedly needed for my dauthter sti.l without and job and she had to be out of her home bu the end of the month. Without a job she will not have a home. She had already applyed tod an apartment but still needs the job.

    Thanks to all in advance. !

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    Dear Patti,

    Thanks so much for your prayers. I am so worried for her but can't do much more. I have given her some money but it is not near enough for what she will need.

    She workedin a hospital on insurance verification - hmmm somehow I can see why she might have been let go with all this healthcare stuff going on. She is also a Medical assistant but has done front office most of the time. I can image all dr.'s offices and such are probably afraid to hire anymore personel.

    What a mess !

    God bless you for caring and praying for her.

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    Thank you so much PATTI for your concern and prayers. I have hesitated to call her and add to her stress. I know she will let me know once she gets something BUT it is also stressful for me. DH may be thinking aboaut it but he isn't mentioning it. I am sure it is in his thoughts but - -.

    May God continue to bless you also for your thoughtfulness. Do you think you will have to be moving any time soon. I know how difficult it can be with autistic and children with special needs. We have 8 grandchildren and 3 of them have some special needs and are LD'd. One will be graduating from HS and then has to find a job of some kind. He is 19. He is not to bad though but is limited. Maybe he can go toa tech school or something.

    Have another that is almost 16 I think. Not sure what he will be able to do. He is Susan's middle child. We also have another grandson who is mild - moderate autisic but he seems to be coming along and doing better. So, we will see. Yes, they like things just going along with little changes. Some of them can be very difficult (the changes) for them.

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    your family member, this dil or sister's dil, couldn't quite understand it.

    THings are tough for so many out there and one has to be more and more creative today and even do a major change in doing things....when I lost my job at age 61, I did childcare fulltime for a couple years since no one wanted to hire a 61 yr old...

    Did the childcare until SS kicked in and I was OK...fear is always there, but somehow things CAN work out, sending positive thoughts your way.

    Many believe in letting go and letting god....or as I say letting Good Happen. jam
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    This is my middle daughter - the one that trouble of problems seem to follow.

    She is also divorced but does have a SO but he doesn/t have much $ either but is a great guy and loves the kids;. One of the kids has LD's but now he may be going to school and iiving with the dad but that will give her a big break. Hope she gets something soon.

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    at least the children's father is a good dad but no grandkids dad has money but they dread going with him, he STILL drinks...and is very angry....

    I know your daughter will be fine, may take some doing, but things work out, if one works them....

    Do your best to release some fear....jam
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    Things are never just right, for sure ! Her x wasn't ever that reliable and did drink beer more regularly than she probably should have. I am thinking and hoping that perhaps he has grown up some. Presently he has a job and insurance and are might be better for the middle son with LD's. We will see ! Even if it is only temporary for next year's school. We will see, and maybe the summer.

    Haven't heard much from my daughter so that is more unsettling . It is also a very bad tme to be looking for a job as the kids in this area are finishing off school for the summer and looking for summer jobs. Good grief, what a mess !

    TTYL !!! Yes, take lots of deep breaths !!

  8. jaminhealth

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    is good news....gotta give them their space to do their lives....

    What do they say: No news is good news....

    My daughter has brought that up to AA were told to give them their dignity to do their lives, regardless of the outcomes.....
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    I would mention to her that they could stay here if need be for a short time, and put all her stuff instoraage. However, I know that would cause an uproar with DH. So I haven't said a word about it ! It it isn't one thing it is another !! Good grief as Charlie Brown used to say !!!

    TTYL Granni
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    Goodness, family hardships are just about as hard as our own! We love them so much, and we want things to go well for them, it hurts to see them go through hard times..and hard times is it these days.
    I will be praying for your family...and you! Take it easy.
    Love, Cynthia
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    I just saw you posted. How nice of you to do so. She is our son and DIL's for awhile. She is busy putting out resumes and applications and waiting. Now she is out of the house without the kids maybe she can concentrate some more on it. Now with the kids out from school and looking for jobs that is not to great either.

    Some good new thought our grandson from N.C. just got a job at Walmart. He has had some LD's and so is a bitr limited in what he can hadle. This should work out well.

    Thanks again for your sweet thoughts and prayers. I just got back from the doctor afater getting a good dose of poison ivy or oak. I am so itchy. So am on prednisone pills and benadryl. Looking forwards to the aveeno bath tonight. That should help to sooth it.

    Hugz to you and anyone else who have been praying.

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    How did you get into that poison ivy?! No fun for sure!
    I hope by now that you are doing better. I know certain baths do help. When my son had chicken pox, the dr. recommended an oatmeal bath, to help with the itching. But, it sounds like your doc has everything under control to help with the itching. I hope you didn't scratch too hard. Don't want to make any scars on the beautiful skin of yours. we don't have scars by now!
    Take care, love, Cynthia
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    Thanks for the prayers and advice. I have to run to a dr. appt. for my DH, nothing serious.

    My itchies are getting better. Thanks for the advice on Dreft. Don't think I neeit now but it would be interesting to try. Wounder if we googled it what if anything they would say.

    Have to run for now. Keep up the prayers for a JOB.

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    Joining with everyone's prayers for your daughter's needs in finding work. And for her children. And for your entire family. Glad she has family who can help her in some ways, and give invaluable love.

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    All prayers and good thoughts are welcome. This has gotten to be very frustrating. I know many are going through similar circumstances !

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    for my DD. For those of you who did not read Spring Waters thread , that I just posted to, I will repeat some of what I already said.

    I just heard, this morning that she has a job interview that sounds like it would be up her alley, in her field. She just sent out an e-mail this morning that she and her SO were OKed for an apartment and that she had this job interview tomorrow. She would have to work a couple of hours every 2-3 weekends. Sounds also like she will have to travel a little to get there but not sure of the exact location yet.

    Please pray that she does well on the interview and that she gets the job. She needs the job really badly. She and SO had been engages and then she broke it off but he has stuck with her through thick and thin and is a really nice guy. I suspect they will be re-engaged soon again.

    Thanks again for any and all prayers sent up !