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    NEW ------I added to this older post today and should have started on this top but I started on the bottom where I indicated with the astericks. SORRY !!! Read below with astericks for newest post !

    I know I should have posted this a few weeks ago but actually yesterday was the last day of work for my daughter Susan. She has 3 boys and is divorced. The eldest boy is aomost 22 and is back with his other grandfather working in a grocery store.

    However, his mom just lost her job in a hospital where she has worked in a couple f years. I am guessing they are thinning out the ranks like everyone else is nowadays.She was working in the area of insurance verification but has a certificate on Medical assistant both front and back room. Although she prefers the front office.

    Please pray that she gets a job soon. She just got back with her SO which is a god thing although he has little money too. She ws renting a home but is now looking to rent an apt. She also has a 10 year old boy and a 16 yr old who has learning disabilities and more than likely he will be with her forever, ir looks like. He is a sweet boy (young man) but mind of a child Autism spectrum.

    Any help (prayers) you can sent out to her would be most helpful. I feel bad not posting unless I need help but I do come to this board and read quite often. I enjoy reading your posts and praying some with you all.

    NEW POST *******I am just adding to this old post on 5/15 - my daughter still does not have a job and she only has another couple of weeks before her rental house lease is up. She has little money and finally got smart and applied for unemployment. At least that will be something.

    Not sure how long that will take her to receive. She just refused to sign up for it months ago. Not sure if she doesn't have a job he will just make her leave. She also has a bunch of furniture that may have to go in storage if she doesn't have a job by then so she can get an apartment. She has filled out the info for the apartment which is close by but still needs the job and is now looking for anything that will pay money (or almost anything) !!! I can see now how easy it is to become homeless !!!

    May God bless you all and thank you in advance for any prayers offered.

    Love to all,
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