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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ozgran, Jan 8, 2003.

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    Hi everyone. It is now 3 hours after I went to bed feeling I needed to get a good nights sleep and guess what, here I sit feeling very much fatigued yet unable to close my eyes. Posted a few days ago after coming off Zoloft and have now started on the Tofranil 3 nights ago. It seems to "wake me up" and mind won't turn off and eyes won't stay closed. Tonight is the worst night. Guess I will have stop these too ( don't want to be like this every night )but wondered if others had the same problem.
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    Hello there, and exactly where is OZ? Are you related to Dorothy? I'm sorry, but my mind just went there!!I am old enough to say it is senality?

    Ask Your Dr about Ambien. It workd on the stage four sleep, and that is the one in which I wake up too. It does not leave you foggy in the AM. I wake up feeling rested for the first time in over 6 yrs...Rest helps us heal.

    Thanks for the answer to my post, you are a sweet person,
    I can tell. 1maqt
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    I have tried so many different sleep meds, and most just Wire me and I can't sleep, but actully keep me awake.

    I've tried the Ambien, and that was pretty mild but didn't keep me asleep, about only 4 hours. I have tried Klonipin and that too makes me sleep for only a few hours and then I'm dizzy and really foggy the next day.
    Yet there are others here that get good results from the Kloinpin, sorry spelling sucks today.

    I am currently trying the Halicon, but it's not working all that well either.
    Back in the 70's I took Quladues, and even they wired me, I always felt like it was time to go Party instead of going to bed. I have had Insomina for most of my life, even as a child.

    I may go back to the Tylenol PM, that seemed to work the best so far, and the Hubby use's it for his sore muscles at night, he sleep's better too.

    Hope you can find something that will work for you, it's sometimes a matter of trying different med's or supplements till you find one that will work for you. If you do, please share with us too, ;o)

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    Thanks to those who responded to my post. I think I will try and find out the AUSTRALIAN -that answer your question Imaqt??- equivalent to some of your American meds. Some are them are used under the same of course but not all. Want to try ZMA but will have to find it's equivelant. Forgot to mention on my ealier post,too tired I guess. Was really excited early last night. Had to go 3 doors up the street to a couple we know but don't have a lot to do with and had to ask to sit down. The husband said that was good because he needed to sit down as well. I knew he had had to give up work a few years ago and never knew why. Yes you can guess, he has FM so he knew exactly what I am feeling. He takes Tegretol - an epilesy med. Was put on it for something else and it worked on the FM. He also has a magnetic blanket. Anyone else use one of these? Hugs to all Ozgran.
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    II could be called a former Ms. Med. Incredible as it sounds I suffered dystonia and Tardives dystonia for atleast five years. Took beta blockers for it and by accident stumbled onto some research on seratonin syndrome et al. and lo and behold I read about myself!! A rare but documented side effect from SSRI's!

    I have been a die-hard SSRI user since Prozac hit. I have clinical depression (diagnosed when 13 yrs) so I have tried almost every low-level anti-depressant. My clincial depression is stubborn....actually it is now reclassified as dysthymia w/major depressive episodes w/PTSD, Panic disorder w/agorophobia. Tried classifying me as anhedonic but I have work hard over the last six months working to reverse that death sentence! Anyway.....

    I had to fight my psychiatrist over the Tardives as he said it was watched for w/anti-psychotics of which I have never taken. I told him LOOK no more tremors! I had gotten so bad at that time my neuro had tested me positive twice for Parkinsons and all the time it was a rare drug reaction.

    I quit and by the next day my hands were steady and the voice that I tried so hard to save no more had tremelo when I spoke. All a drug reaction and I was the one who found it so...

    Moral of the story: Be your "doc" and research, listen to your body and tell your doc not to be offended but he has many patients and you only have My present doc has thanked me for bringing him abstracts to document what treatment I request as I may be his only FMS et al patient. But I am humble and respect him for allowing me that freedom. But reading on the forum of late I see that docs are still throwing around these powerful seratonin selective inhibitors and I shutter! IF you do not have clinical depression this class of anti=depressents are probably not for you; as an adjunct to pain relief at low doses they have shown to be of benefit.

    Situational depression does not alter your brain chemistry; clinical depression does. Love CactusLil'