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    You just should not say too much should you??? Here I have been telling you all how much better I am and now have more tests to have done. Have had the 'electric shock" in the head that some talk of and thought it was just part of the FM. Have had other "funny" symptoms with it and first mentioned it to my Dr some months ago. It has been getting worse and got really bad over the weekend and when I saw DR yesterday for something else, he decided we needed to do something about it. Doesn't think it is anything to do with the FM. So-o-o-o today I had to go for blood tests. They needed to be checked out because of the diabetes and the fact that something could go wrong if they are not OK when they inject the dye when I have the CT scan of the brain next Monday. After the CT scan, I am to have my schedule mammogram and then on the way home I am to see the Practise Nurse who will do a full on diabetes assessment and the Dr will see me straight afterwards.I have been having trouble with mini hypo's and asked could I change drugs. We thought the earlier drug was giving me diarrohea, but now think it could be the IBS with the FM, or even one of my other drugs which I am doing trials off.Two weeks of one and then two weeks off another. The next Monday I am to see the Nuerologist for assessment. Fun and games!!! Next Monday is a trip one hour one way, the next Monday is a trip two hours the other direction. My best friend is taking me next week and hubby is taking the day off the week after. Never mind, I have great difficulty when we travel because of my head so if they can sort that out I will be happy. Be good to know what it all is. Love Ozgran.
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    If what you describe as electric shocks in the head is the same thing I get or not. I always refer to it as the ice pick in the head pain. It is always just behind my right ear where there is a major nerve. It is worse during periods of high stress (I probably clench my jaw when I'm stressed, especially in my sleep).

    Since taking the Klonopin with the larger dose at night and much, much smaller doses about twice a day, this pain has gone away.

    Love, Mikie