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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JoFMS, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Hi All,

    I really wanted to post today as I honestly feel like I'm making a breakthrough!

    I have been gradually able to increase my exercise from none to 10 bicep curls, stretching exercises 3 x day, 8mins on an exercise machine and a little bit of dancing to cheer me up daily.

    I put on some music that I love and is energetic and gets me motivated then I dedicate a min of 30mins workout to it. The music really helps. I am trying to listen to nothing remotely sad or too slow. I hadn't listened to music for a long time.

    I have also recently really tried to make the effort to look after things such as my appearance - it really is weird how it makes you feel better wearing the right clothes (which is hard as I cant wear a bra due to breast pain!). I have learnt to like myself again. Of course you can only do this after you have got past the initial phase of thinking you wont get better and have to have strong reasons as to why you want to. Mine is my husband - I feel I destroy his life as he was having to do everything for me and we cant go anywehre together etc.

    I'm still migraine free too and have started my second round of DMSA chelation on Dr Cutler's protocol.

    There are many things that I believe are contributing to me getting well but I really feel I am able to now thanks to my regime. I think we all go through many years of thinking we wont get better - I also have been through hell for the last 6 years with fibro and CFS but as soon as I quit working and concentrated on me only - I am motivated as I have nothing else to do in a day. But it's more than motivation it's doing the right things and altogether.

    I am very lucky in that I have the support of my husband but do not have any other friends which was my choice. I used to be the social life of the party and always be there for others if they had problems but we need to take time out for us and only once we are better can we look after others. Now I choose to see nobody in a day except my husband to avoid complete stress whilst I am recovering and I also dont have to worry what people think about me this way either. I will get out of the hermit phase one day but only once I am well enough to cope with people again.

    I just want to send some encouragement to everyone out there and please don't give up - this group has been fantastic for me and has encouraged me to really understand what's going on in my body and to completely put myself on my own rehab program.

    Research all you can - yes sometimes it will drive you crazy and you will get down but just imagine if you could actually get better and be you again, at last you would know you would have tried.

    There's hope for everyone and we all have to start somewhere.

    Hugs to all xxx

  2. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    im so happy for you!!! its so hard because you obviously look young from what i can tell in your pic, and i'm only 22.. so i have a lot of problems with not going out with my friends all the time but im lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who "somewhat" understands, but it gives me a reason to be a little bit of a grandma and not go out all the time lol

    i've had my moments where i'm so motivated and i feel amazing and then out of nowhere i just totally crash, so its frustrating but i still keep my head up.. i've just started doing weights actually so i'm trying to get my life back together, but what have you been eating? have you been really watching your diet?

    so glad you're feeling better hope you keep it up :)
  3. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member


    Yes I'm 29 on Monday and had fibro for 6 years and CFS for about 2yrs.

    I live in SA and am vegetarian so it hasn't always been easy eating the things I would like and I have to order certain things from health shops a long way away as there are none near me. I used to work in animal nutrition so am very knowledgeable about foods.

    I order a box of organic veggies every week. I drink veggie juice every morning, only use Himalayan salt, avoid msg, caffeine, sweeteners, little sugar, no white flour, no alcohol, no hydrogenated oils, avoid most processed foods and try to eat as many super foods containing great nutrients as poss like quinoa, alfalfa sprouts, brazil nuts etc. I steam my veggies, lightly fry in olive oil or eat them raw. I also try to include things like sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds in my diet and eat regularly.

    So yes my diet has changed a lot but I've always ate balanced and known the importance - of you are what you eat. The morning veggie juice that I started just over a month ago has def given me more energy too.
  4. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I loved reading your post! You have wonderful determination which WILL get you somewhere. It almost doesn't matter exactly where or how far, because your attitude is going to carry you and change you daily on this journey.

    Sometimes it just takes little tiny baby steps, only determined by each person. The point is the forward movement. It's even okay, to take steps back, everyone does, in life in general. Very often the hardest part is getting started, making ourselves do something, no matter how small. We very often hold ourselves back - as you said, possibly because we think "what's the point?". This is true in many areas of our lives.

    In regards to even caring more about your appearance. Very often we wait til we feel better to care enough to 'look' better, when we might feel better if we felt better about how we looked. Whatever it is that makes YOU feel good is what you should do. I know that I personally do feel better when I feel I look better, or when I've made myself take that walk that I'd really rather not take etc.

    Am I making a bit of sense? I'm having a heck of a time (once again!) articulating.

    It sounds like you are yourself. What a gift you've given yourself. I wish you the VERY best. As I said, no matter how long it takes, 2009, (sooner?) or even a little later, I don't think it will matter as long as you're making progress, putting one foot in front of the other and working towards your goal.

    No matter how small or teeney weeney the baby steps are that we all take, they are very important in how we feel about ourselves.

    You go girl!!!!

    Love the monkey too! I always wanted to work in a zoo or would love to work in an Orangutan orphanage or refuge.

  5. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Thank you all for your wonderful posts, the kind words really do help.

    I live at a wildlife charity in South Africa as my husband is the founder so the monkey is a vervet monkey that we are trying to introduce into a troop. I only go in with one of the monkeys now - a slightly retarded adult male as he's very docile, some of them can be a bit stressy unless they very young!

    I have to say volunteering for a month back in Nov 2005 changed my life and made me appreciate much things so if anyone wants to volunteer - I have somewhere I can recommend! A few months later, I then ended up back here!

    I really want to help others which is one of my motivations - that and so my husband can enjoy a life with the real me. Helping others has also been my downfall with this illness as I often take it all on board myself and I feel others pain and problems (if that makes sense)? I have always been a very good listener but sometimes to the point where it has gotten me down so now is me time.

    I write down everything and record everything so when I get better I will be able to tell others what I did.

    I'm having a day off from exercising as I think I overdid it a little yesterday but tomorrow I will be back on track hopefully.

    Baby steps - exactly right, start by little things - even such as in diet, simple things such as change the salt you use to Himalayan crystal salt so you get more minerals, start buying organic foods, start drinking veggie juice, do a few stretching exercises when you wake up in the morning, it all becomes routine eventually but I do appreciate not everyone has the time like I do which can be hard but something as simple as changing salt or adding one supplement can be a good start.

    Then when you start feeling slightly better - add something else and keep adding until you get better. I have added an air purifier which has helped my sinuses, I now keep my room where I spend most of my time cleaner.

    All these little things can add up in helping us get better and there is no one thing but a combination of things, even if we dont notice initially - it will all help in the end.

    Good luck all and keep persevering xxx

  6. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    as i read your post as i am so glad for you,
    i pray it continues.
    i also have noticed that when i put on good music it affects me to where i am lifted up mentally
    and if i try and 'fix' my self up and try and look decent when i am able-
    it also helps me mentally.
    thank you for your post!
  7. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Loved that pic!!!You are so beautiful!!!

    For the love of animals...That will truly help you in your healing process...

    I don't need to tell you that you are on the right path, you know that and we can see that with every post you write and reply to...

    I am very much like you and aside from getting deathly ill in 06/07, my biggest hurdle was admitting I was sick and then taking the advice to 'live with it'...Once I gave in (for me it was giving in) and told myself 'there is no cause, no cure and noone can help me", I became worse...
    I almost lost my life under doctors 'care' and while trying to survive that attack I realized that if I can get worse than I was, I could also get better than I was...What would I do differently??? STOP listening to the quacks and START listening to my gut feeling...

    I survived their treatments and have lived to continue the fight...I now do things for myself and my husband, that's it! So-called friends could never understand what it is we go through, nor do they wish to disrupt their own lives...My husband and my boys are my life and I give them my all while researching to get well...That's the way for me.We need to get back to basics, be around those we truly love and have our animals around us to give us that constant boost that only they can provide...You know what I am talking about :)

    Keep up the great work and may you have a lil improvement each and every day to show that your hard work is making a difference...Blessings to you and your husband...My husband actually saved my life and then took care of me full time for 6 months...After 19 months since the beginning of my ordeal, he is still treating me like a princess...He wants me to get well so we can continue the life we began 22 years ago...I got sick the year after we were married and worse every year after that...Poor guy...been through so much, but like he reminds me, we do it together...

    We are fortunate...We can get well again...We know we can!
    Sending Peace, Love & Light your way ~ MamaDove
  8. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    and giving us all some encouragement!

    I love to hear about progress from anyone, it definitely gives us all hope. You have an inspiring story and congratulations on findings out through trial and error what works for you. That is a slow and painful process at times.

    I'm glad you have your husband and the animals. Animals can be very healing to have around, they take our focus off of our pain, and maybe we can learn to live in the present moment the way they do.

    Your picture and life reminds me of the show "Escape to Chimp Eden" do you know it? It is about a sanctuary for chimpanzees in South Africa.

    Keep on taking care of yourself, you are doing everything right!

    Hugs Kristina
  9. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Noticed the date is today.

    All the best today and through the year.
  10. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Happy Birthday Hon!!!!!

    Many more years of good health and happiness...


    P.S. Mine is 8/8...Will be real strange this year ;)
  11. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Thanks Mama Dove and Marti!

    I have to say it wasn't the best birthday but then I wsn't expecting it to be!

    I find whilst I am off the chelation I have no energy but when I am on a round of DMSA I do so much better and my birthday was an off day so I can't wait till tomorrow when I am back on the DMSA!

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