More Proof For Physical Over Psyche.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. joeb7th

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    For the last 3 years I have been knocked down with so many ailments.

    All along the way I had to do battle with more doctors than not who dismissed my initial complaints about symptoms they said just didn't make sense and must be psychologically exaggerated or created.

    I had to fight to prove not only that there was truly something "physically" wrong with me but that I was sane! My previous normal 54 years of normal life and no psychiatric history was incredibly never given any weight by these doctors ! This psyche/versus physical credibility issue and battle was a living nightmare that no one should ever have to go through.

    And almost each time, upon further efforts "by me alone" to find other doctors who would take me seriously, these symptoms were eventually verified as real physical illnesses: Tendonitis, brady cardia, bronchial asthma, middle GI tract inflammation so bad they thought it might be Crohns, ringing in the ear, irregular heart beat, lowered immune system, etc.

    These discoveries quieted the first doctors that were saying I needed psyche treatment more than physical, but only one ever apologized for "missing" the real physical diagnosis that verified my initial complaints.

    Now, the last 6 months to a year, I am back to doctors telling me nothing is wrong with me despite the incredible record of their being wrong the first two years.

    Their being wrong in the past just seems to not mean anything in their minds again, because so many of their tests aren't showing them things that match my continuing complaints.

    I am back to having to go to great and exhaustive and costly lengths and efforts to prove once again that there is more physical things wrong with me than psychological. This crazy nightmare continues.

    For instance, I have mentioned to doctors for the last three years about several symptoms that are connected to candida. I was quickly diagnosed with "significant candida present" in my stools when all this began. It was at this time that my stools instantly became extremely odiforous, much worse than anything before.

    Also, my entire palm and thumb area of my right hand developed a weird red bump itch in the first week and then quickly turned white and peeled like a snake when all this began.

    A year after I first got this, I was told by a nurse at a hospital who had seen this same symptom with another Levaquin adverse reaction patient that this patient had exploded with this symptom and it was a "fungal" one out of control.

    They had to "flush" her system of the levaquin and they caught it in time.

    I was never told that this was what it was. I was never "flushed." After a few weeks this peeling white hand skin calmed down.

    I have since developed a constant rash on my right shin that a dermatologist said was fungal.
    My toenails are all eaten up with fungus. My right thumb nail is too.

    Just today, in trying to trim and clean these awful toenails, as I peeled one back, yellow pus started oozing out from the layer of connective tissue from underneath!

    All these years every doctor I mention this fungal and candida thing to dismisses it as nothing to worry about. No oral medicines. Just put some cream occassionally on my leg, which helps but it always comes back.

    My guts always feel horrible. A mixture of not right, sore and sometimes raw feeling and kind of sick feeling. And totally exhausted. Like everything in my GI tract is under 24/7 stress and it's finally totally exhausted everything down there. And this leaves me and my entire body constantly so exhausted I almost go into full blown panic and depressive states all the time.

    I am also sleep deprived from this. These two constant entire body draining symptoms and stresses are actually a form of constant torture. Truly...torture!

    And torture victims all eventually suffer emotionally as one would expect from this massive body stress.

    But, it's the physical body stresses that eventually cause the emotional ones. Not the other way around!

    Sometimes these physical gut symptoms get so bad I run to the ER. Not much happens there. They give me fentynal and atavan and calm things down for 2 hours and send me home, but everything always comes back.

    I strongly suspect that inside my GI tract there is something horribly wrong and it's connected to this candida and fungal issue I have. When you start oozing pus anywhere on your body...something is terribly wrong.

    But, I have suspected that perhaps this candida and fungus has proliferated inside of me to the point that it is causing infections. I think this may explain why I feel so wrong and sick and sore and exhausted in my guts these last three years.

    I can lay all this out and explain it here on this board. But, no doctor will ever let me get past the first paragraph of this explanation in a visit. They all say that it is impossible that candida and fungus could make anyone so sick.

    Oh, also, I got stung by a yellow jacket bee last year and this "instatnly" turned into cellulitis.

    I had to take an antibiotic 4 times a day for two weeks to clear that up. Doc said my immune system looked weak and compromised.

    Thanks for letting me put this out there.
  2. Debra49659

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    one battle after another battle...I am so sorry that you are experiencing these frustrations. I really find myself speechless and wish I could find something to say. Yet I wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you. My prayers as well.

    Take care and God Bless,

  3. sascha

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    i've had candida badly and went on treatment for the condition. it got better. i'm having a fungal infection right now and i'm on treatment. the condition and resulting infection made me feel sick.

    where in the world are you finding your doctors? there are many treatments you could/should be on, including a careful sugar-free diet. there are natural remedies you can use to combat candida, and prescriptions can help you get rid of fungal infection.

    you need a good professional working with you. why oh why do you keep going back to doctors who aren't helping you??? it sounds as though you did get diagnosed- now find someone good to stay with you through treatment. Sascha *and good luck!
  4. loto

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    I'm so sorry for all of your problems, and the ignorant doctors who have seen you!! Please don't give up finding the right doctor and getting the help you need! I'm praying for you.
  5. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I don't know anything about your history except what you've written, but I would think it is time to step away from the MD type of doctor and find a naturopath or some other type of alternative practitioner. When a doctor dismisses a patient's experiences because s/he can't figure out what's wrong, you need someone who has been taught a different approach.

    By the way, I share your difficulties with Levaquin. Two bad shoulders I got in the bargain from having taken that stuff. Hate it!

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