More questions about B12 : sublingual B12

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  1. lynnsouth

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    I have read the recent message and replies concerning hydrocobalamin and cyanocobalamin for B12 injections, and yes, I read a report on this website by a doctor who prefers not to use high doses of cyanocolabalamin.
    All this said, what does anyone know about the sublingual form of B12 -- methycobalamin vs. the sublingual form --cyanocobalamin for chronic fatigue ?
    I would appreciate any input or research you know about.
  2. jedinvest

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    One difference is that the methylcobalamin is available in 5 mg vs only a 1 mg dose for the cyanocobalamin. The other may be that the methylcobalamin is absorbed better and quicker and is easier for the body to process and possibly less toxic, but I am speculating as I don't know any of this for sure.

    Considering that the doses required to treat CFS are probably large, just the fact that it is available in 5 mg sublinguals is probably sufficient reason to go with the methylcobalamin. Also, it is relative new as far as I can determine, so doctors used to prescribig cyanocobalamin would have to rethink their already established protocol.

    As a patient I would think it is a no-brainer to go with the methylcobalamin unless something negative pops up about it. Just speculating on the ill effects of the cyanide part of cyanocobalamin would make me wary of it.