More questions about my new disability benefts....

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    Hi everyone. this is the only place on the internet that I can really find out anything, so here I go again...

    My husband and I have just talked about getting someone to help clean the house after my benefit checks start coming in. I guess he has noticed that I am not able to keep this large house clean at all- imagine that?! He has never complained but we could not afford it without this extra money.

    Do any of you know if we qualify for any cleaning services with our benefits?

    Also, will I get a handicap parking thing for my car?


    PS- I am glad I can come here again. I couldn't for awhile because, as hard as it is to admit, I was just so jealous of people getting their benefits- and believing that I always would just be called a liar. As a Christian it is so hard to be called a liar- since I have went out of my way to always tell the truth. I'm sure you all understand.
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    It depends upon if you are getting SSI or SSDI.

    I know that if you will be getting SSDI and later qualify for Medicare that the answer is NO, at least in my state.

    Now, my sister is on MEDICAID and on SSDI but not long enough to qualify for Medicare yet and lives in another state, and when she was hospitalized for severe COPD, Social Services said she qualified for some home care services. This home care help came 3 days a week to do anything she needed done. They cooked, cleaned, took her on errands, etc. She really rubbed it in to me that she got all of this help and that I did not.

    My sis told me to check into it, because I am really in worse shape than her. I did, and I did not qualify for anything because Medicare did not pay, but yet Medicaid did. So, you will just have to check into the cleaning thing.

    About your handicapped parking, you will have to get a prescription from your doctor and take it to your Dept. of Motor Vehicles and get it there.
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