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    Oops. I just realized that I hijacked Kim's post...Sorry.

    I'm having trouble thinking that so many people have been bitten by ticks and didn't know it.

    Is it possible, do you think, that the same treatments for Lyme also successfully treat the symptoms of what we call CFS as well? I was thinking that maybe the dx and treatment for CFS and for Lyme might be the same. The ingestion of no sugar or alcohol or processed foods (what do processed foods have to do with Lyme?) remind me of a Candida diet.

    Make any sense at all?

    I also wonder, if Lyme is so prevelent, why the major labs like Quest don't get on a better handle on the testing.

    Any thoughts?
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    The lyme diet and candida diet are very similar. The lyme diet my doctor gave me allows fruits and whole grains. Processed foods are nortorious for being loaded with chemicals and light on nutrients that's why they are a no no. My dr likes his patients to eat organically as much as possible, drink purified water, stay PH balanced and no sugar or alcohol. This is good advice for anyone with an illness weather it's cfs, lyme, cancer etc.

    Lyme loves sugar as do many bacteria's and virus's. Many processed foods are high in carbs that convert to sugar.

    There has not been much interest in better testing by labs like quest. The majority of the health profession doesn't see lyme as a problem and that chronic lyme even exhists. It's the labs like Igenex who have friends or family who are ill who take interest in better testing.

    Are you thinking that some who are treated with lyme may really not have it? There is that thinking out there. I was worried about that at first, but my test was very positive. Plus my CD-57 indicated lyme as well.

    There is a new research center dedicated to Lyme Disease at Columbia University. I am hopeful that the issues with testing and treatment will be resolved with their research.

    The reason so many don't know they have tick bites is that some ticks are so small, almost as small as the period at the end of this sentence. And some people just don't know what ticks are.

    My son was traveling in Maryland a few weeks ago and pulled a tick off his collegue. He warned them about ticks and they laughed and said they see them all the time out there. So if they are there someone must be getting bit and they may not know it.

    Also some of us may have been small when we got bitten. I had many bites as a child and teeager that my mom told me were spider bites. Tick bites are commonly mistaken for spider bites.

    Are you being tested soon? Please let know your results!


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    Hi! Thanks for answering.

    What I was thinking is that I've already done the Candida diet and treatment to no avail - and hated it. lol And I guess after all these years, I am very weary of getting my hopes up yet again. I don't know if I have it in me to chase another rainbow. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Except for an occasional treat, I'm pretty careful about what I eat already so I guess what I'm hearing is that a long-term anti-b makes the difference. Assuming there's a positive test, of course.

    You're probably right about ticks. Michigan has a huge deer population and I've camped all my life (until 13 years ago, that is.)

    I have to go to the urologist on Friday and I thought that I would wait until the doctor's office gets that test result back, then go in to discuss all of this. I'd say in about two weeks. Yes, I'll let you know. I'm pretty sure my PA will help me out with the test order.

    Oh! I thought I read somewhere that the blood must be kept in dry ice but I see no statement to that affect in the test kit. Is that correct? That may be harder to come, by if so.


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    My doctor sent the test in for me, so I'm not sure how it is done. You can check the igenex website I think they have directions.

    Good luck!!!

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    Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the info. Now if only it's this "simple"......;>)

    Do you both have a specific Lyme doctor? Where is he/she located?

    Meanwhile, isn't it HOT here today??? Whew.

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    Our doctor is a preventive medicine specialist. He happens to also treat lyme because his wife has it. He is in Romeo Michigan.

    There is another doctor in Keego Harbor and one in Saginaw. Then there is Dr. Lerner in Beverly Hills. There may be one more, but cant' remember.

    The one in Saginaw is reportedly the best, but he has a long wait list to see him.

    I really love our doctor. He appreciates patients who are on top of thier health and follow the treatment plan. He answers all my questions and spends quite a bit of time with me.

    We don't post dr names on message boards, but if you need more info, we could somehow get it to you. Linda our president of the Michigan Lyme Association also has all the doctors names and numbers as well as much more info.
    Yes, it is swealtering here today! First the dogs wouldn't go out because of the rain, now it's too hot!!!

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    'Morning, Ladies -

    Yes, Saginaw would be closest for me. Really anywhere that's not local is a problem since I must drive myself and that's difficult now.

    Molly, if you're driving to East Lansing and unloading boxes I know you're better! Drink lots of water and say hey to Sparty for me. That's my alma mater.

    OK, onward.