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    today, Annette Funacello 70 of MS, my sis battles MS and declining in the last few yrs....very sad. She was a mousekateer...

    also Rick Warren's youngest son 27 committed suicide this past Friday....he allegedly battled depression... his father is a well known evangelical preacher and author of the book, A Purpose Driven Life.....sad too.
  2. Thyroid really?...I didn't know there was an association between thyroid problem and depression...I've battled depression for over 30 years..and recently I got some news from my Dr. that I might have to take meds in a couple of years for my thryoid...

    At the present time I am taking the anti-depressant Lexapro..3rd week so far..I feel a little better..but still feel somewhat depressed...

    I have gotten lazy,and just hang around the house all day in bed watching hours and hours of television....I am going to find another Dr. as my Dr. is very clear when I ask her about certain questions on things that come up in my blood work...Thanks,Jammin

    Sorry to hear about the woman committing suicide..just like my ex-husband's daughter...
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    Death is hard all the way around but especially from suicide.

    I know we all have to go sometime and it will always be hard for our loved ones.

    Thinking of you today
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    I remember the mouseketeers and Annette Funicello - from way back. Her illness she had with MS must bring up so much sorrow for you with your sister.

    Don't know the other man - but so heartbreaking.

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    praying for those souls you mentioned.

    sorry to hear about your sister.

    God bless

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    but actually thought she lived a brave life, longer than expected for her.

    I first saw Annette dancing at Disneyland when she was l3 and a new mouseketeer. I was two years younger than she and thought she was so beautiful, dressed in a green tutu and doing point. I remember being so envious of her. (look what she went thru) I grew up with the first mouseketeer many of them are left from the first group? I think Bobby died a few years ago....he was the tall one, and I believe Darlene died about 5 years ago.

    I also heard over the weekend of Rick Warren's very very tragic. [This Message was Edited on 04/08/2013]
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    I really knew nothing about the family, but knew of Rick and talking to a friend today with his son and depression for a long time we're hearing, he was probably on A/D's over the years and the first thing that came to my mind is the thyroid since depression is such a huge symptom of thyroid, in spite of mind goes to the thyroid so so often...thinking back to my 10 long struggling yrs being depressed and needing thyroid support all those years...I knew nothing back then...his son had a gun.

    This also brought me to the time about 10 yrs ago when I met a woman who was about 40, met her at a woman's spiritual group, I was still struggling getting my thyroid fixed and talking to her, she was trying too....then the next month at the group gathering, it was announced that she had committed suicide...we were in such shock...

    So that thyroid can kill a person. I'm not saying that about Rick's son, but it entered my many doc's slap drugs on people when so much of the time it is thyroid...those labs are often so false about our body's needs. That was certainly my case for 10 long yrs.
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