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    Sorry--but I will always go with a more holistic viewpoint....i have read somewhere about skin conditions,such as what you speak of being very uncommon prior to the advent of word war 2--among other diseases such as Lou Gehrigs of the factors I have read about that had to do with this--was the introduction of transfatty acids--and lack of the good fats--such as the omegas.....i have also read in many books on holistic health---that these conditions may be an early sign of high blood sugar. my father had psoriasis all over him-in conjunction with severe diabetes. i know some sunshine helped a lot as well as bringing the blood sugar down and cleaning up the diet. i have had many skin problems that came on with chronic invisible illness-one was cystic acne---and then when i got fibro--i came down with rosacea. I have gotten rid of the rosacea by taking a lot of probiotics--yes there is a gut-skin connetion. I threw away all the lotions and potions that didnt even work and treated the skin holistically.

    One of my inspirations in trying to achieve health--has been Raymond
    Francis--author of the book--Never be Sick it he speaks of skin health as a sign of our over all health-to quote "Our skin is a barometer of overall health,but we are taught to think of a skin problem as just a skin problem. This is outmoded..."