more thank you's and an update!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by trinity3, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. trinity3

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    thank you again to everyone who posted their support in my thread "oh god how am i gonna do this"... you all reminded me to stop punishing myself for being sick by forcing myself to do things that i knew would hurt me/make me sicker just to 'prove' that i really was 'trying'...

    you helped me to understand that admitting that i just couldnt do it and offering the situation to god was the STRONG thing to do and NOT the weak thing to do...

    thank you again to everyone!!

    as far as an update... i did call first thing this (monday) morning and request to be re-scheduled for the next group of orientees... i told them that there was a 'family issue' and that i needed to 'fly home to new jersey'... yes a white lie!!! but i felt it better to say that then to already start in with the 'sick' thing...

    anyway, THEY AGREED TO PUT ME IN THE NEXT ORIENTATION!!! so i will actually have a couple of weeks now to rest and recover... and i havent lost the job! which meant alot to me because once i get through this orientation, i will only have to work 4 8hour shifts per month..basically one day per week.. and i know that i can handle that... it is a very good hospital with a good reputation of treating its nurses well and good benefits (which i need desperately)..

    yay!!! and god bless!! *hugggs to everyone*
  2. LollieBoo

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    Way to go, Gina- take care of you and rest-- get yourself "psyched" for your upcoming orientation... You are strong- it's great that you have the ability to go to bat for your own health and well-being when it is necessary. There are no extra prizes for self-sacrifice!

    - Lollie
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    Thanks for the good news! Take care of yourself!

  4. orachel

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    Great solution!!! I also responded to you and JLH in your post to her....didn't find this post till just now.

    So thrilled for you!