Morinsunshine I need some horse talk.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, May 26, 2007.

  1. ckball

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    Hi I hope you are doing well, Could you answer a few questions for me please. I have never had horses or really exposed to the much.

    Up here many people have a few horses and they ride. Now this little girl has stolen my heart and I don't know what to do.

    How much weight can a adult miniture horse carry? What do they eat and how much does it cost, a estimate is fine,

    Now the dumb question, what do you do with the poop when you clean the stall out? And now the big one-going to the vet, I have to assume they need the same treatment as dogs, cats against diseases. How much could that run if it is just normal stuf?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but there is something about this little gray mare, do they all have blue eyes then change as they mature.

    Answer when you have time, she is not going anywhere. But I thought it would be cool to keep her so when I am no longer able to walk my dogs, I could ride her and walk the dogs. Thanks, Carla
  2. morningsonshine

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    She sure is a cutie!! I probably won't get to all your Q. in this post. But can always come back later and add more.

    Do you know how many inches she is?? Miniatures can not really be ridden by adults, however they make great pony cart horses. For example try this web page.
    (have no idea who these people are, just using their web sight for the pictures)

    Usally just a small two wheel buggy for one person. Looks cute.
    Up-keep on horses can really very depending on your situation. And how much room you have.

    Of course a miniature is going to take alot less than a big horse.
    A square bale of good hay should easily feed a small horse 4 days. Would you have summer pasture??

    The biggest thing with a small horse is being careful not to over feed it. Shouldn't really need any grain, accept as a treat.
    Would really need to know more about were you would keep her, and how much room you have to be more specific.

    Then there's worming, farrier (feet), I vaccinate my own horses, so that saves me the vet bill. I'm not a big vaccination person, so i just do the bare minimum, and every other year. I believe we over vaccinate most everything.
    A very rough estimate, $600.00 a year up keep, give or take $150.00 either way. I figured hay year round no pasture.

    That was hay (cost verys from place to place)
    Didn't think of straw?! I don't stall my horses, they just have a run-in shelter.
    Manure is dumped in a big pile somewhere out of the way, and in a year or so, you have a nice pile of black dirt for your garden. But i live in the country where there's lots of room.

    Let me know more about your space. LOL!
    How big are you?? Did you really want to ride, or just a companion??


    P.S. Littlebluestem, if you read this, do have anything to add???

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  3. ckball

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    Thank you so much you gave me something to think about. Right now she is 1/2 mile away with mommy in small pasture and barn. If I do decide to do this, I may just pay him to board her.

    I am 5'3" and wear a size 14. Right now she is about 30 inches give or take. She is just a little taller than my lab mix. Momma is about my height.

    I was thinking about walking my dogs and what would happen if I wasn't able to walk. Plus I live in a hill and valley area so I am even limited on how far I go.

    I have less than an acre and 1/2 is hillside and wooded. I do not have any shelter. Taking care of my dogs is enough for me most the time but this little girl has stole my heart.

    The blue eyes are so pretty. You may have read I lost my best freind recently, she died from liver damage due to Hep C, she was a nurse in the cancer unit for 30 years. Her name was Mona and had the bluest brightest blue eyes, very unusal. The baby was born the same week she died. So even tho I don't own her, I named her Mona Lisa.

    The owner is a nice gentleman that owns most of what is up here and has been very helpful to me with cutting trees and other work that I can't do, and ask for next to nothing. He is retired and doesn't need the money, just good neighbor. He got the horses for his grandkids but they really don't spend time with them.

    It would be cool if she could pull me in a small cart with the girls in tow. I prefer to walk as long as I can but when I can't I don't want my girls to suffer. They just love walking up here.

    Thank you for the info, I can't beleive the poo is recycled. I don't garden so maybe sell it to someone that does? I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy your horses. Carla

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