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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elsa, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I hope everyone is doing fabulously and feeling ZERO pain after sleeping 8 wonderful deep wave hours last night and that ya'll have the energy of 10 men !!!

    I need ya'll's help. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone ... so please keep that in mind.

    Please ....... If you post a question or request for information please keep up with your thread and let the people who stepped up with whatever they had know you've read it.

    I understand alot of things happen ... We have a mercurial illness with one day being good and the next we are laid out. I also know that this board is supper fast ... and in general, life happens and it may keep you from responding.

    Even so, there are times when the thread goes unacknowledged. It does take time and effort to construct a reply .... especially to a medical query and we responders would love to hear if it might help or if there are any questions.

    Even if it is an answer you don't agree with ... take a couple of seconds to say "thanks".

    I am feeling so much better these days and I credit our members who came before me with that success. The majority of my treatment plan came straight from here ... or at least the seeds of it ... and I feel strongly about returning the favor when I can now that I am stronger.

    I'm certainly not "all knowing" ... but I do have a big desire to help if I can.

    We have so many members that get upset when they only receive a couple of responses to their questions ...Myself included sometimes ...

    It gets hard at times to keep up the enthusiasm to respond.

    I have been known to brain skip often .... can't even blame it on fibro fog, .... And flat out forget to respond ... I do try to apologize for the "Dumb Dora" moment as soon as it comes back to me!

    I hope I haven't gotten everyone's Saturday off to a rotten start by whailin' upside ya'll's head about thread responses. I'm not looking for a dissertation , LOL ... Justa "thanks for the info" will do.

    Take care all,

  2. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    When you post a thread you can click a button at the bottom to nofify you in your email when you get a response. This helps you keep up with the threads you start. Lynn
  3. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    I do agree with you and try very hard to keep up with my posts. Sometimes it does hurt to see the responses I get, but I try to let them know what it means to me that they responded.

    So glad you woke up pain free today and so glad that you have had a lot of help from the board in dealing with your pain and finding answers to help you, I have too.

    I am actually feeling better today since the spinal injection I had, I did not get a bad flare after, but I sure did hurt for the next 2 days, today my leg is tight and foot is cold, but so far have not had the terrible back pain along with it, so I did not even take my pain meds today, so I guess this may be a good day.

  4. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Thanks for responding .... I had forgotten about the email flag letting you know someone has added to your thread. I'm not the greatest about reading my emails daily, surprise, surprise .. so I'm not sure how well it would work for me.

    Does it beep or something? I might need something like that!

    Kgangel ... I'm so glad you are improving. My hat is off to you ... I don't think I'm brave enough to have anything injected into my spine! (Obviously never had children and epidurals!! LOL HAHA) It's great that you didn't have to take your pain meds this morning ... but don't push it huh?

    It's just so hard to break the cycle if it gets rolling good.

    I'm not totally pain free ... but pretty darn close. My openning in the first post was my way of wishing basically everyone a FM free day!!! What a wish. I still take a pain protocol on a regular cycle ... kind of a maintainance thing. Hopefully after some time on my GH injections, I'll be able to back off on amount, but not the timing.

    I hope you keep getting better ... positive thoughts your way!

    Miss Lynn ... If you are around, I'm running out to meet husband for lunch and I'm late as usual ... looking forward to reading your up-date! Talk soon ...

    Both you ladies have a fabu day.....


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