morning fatigue upon standing

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    Does anyone experience fatigue and lightheaded upon standing especially during the morning? Several years ago they checked my blood pressure and they said nothing was wrong. Does anyone experience similiar problems? How do they cope ? Etc
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    Yes, I have had lightheadedness, especially when standing (although I have heard that this can happen to anyone if you stand up suddenly). I do remember years ago when I had a job in a library and it was a problem then (and now, too) that I would feel lightheaded when I looked up to get a book off the shelf. I have never passed out, but it is an annoying problem. I haven't had it just in the morning, though. As far as fatigue goes, that's the way I feel all the time, although some days are better than others. I can't see that there is any connection between the two. The fatigue is a common problem in FM and CFIDS.

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    Yeah, I have the lightheadedness in the mornings. Also, standing up or sitting up too quick from lying down, and looking up sometimes. My BP is perfect everytime it's checked, so no BP probs. But I think there's a name for this type of condition...can't remember it right now, but will try to find it and get back to you.

    Friends in Fibro,

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    Hi Im quite new to the board
    I have been dizzy and my head is foggy quite a lot lately
    There are a couple of girls who i work with seem to think M.E is just tired ness they dont seem to understand that some times my head just goes blank and i cant remember things that i could remember say the day before, they have been quite bitchy to me and last week i got in such a state at work i feel like i dont want to go back, so i went to the doctors and told him about the dizzyness,and i feel tearful alot because of the ME he took my Blood pressure and it is very high and he has signed me of work with Stress for a couple of weeks,
    sad Loopyloo xx