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  1. ikathy

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    How many have a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning? I've tried yoga/stretching at night and muscle relaxants but still seem to be so stiff and in pain in the a.m. It is my worst time of day. After a couple hours, pain eases up a bit and I am more active, but I hurt so bad sometimes that I don't want to get out of bed.

    I've read that a few of you take a pain pill before getting up. My rheum. prescibed me some Vicodin at my last appt. (small supply). I've used it twice, but it really didn't do much for me maybe took the edge off and that is all. If I didn't have to get my daughter off to school, I wouldn't have to get up and get going so early.

  2. ikathy

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    You're lucky that aspirin works for you. I can't take aspirin now that I'm restarting guaifenesin. Anyway if hasn't helped much in the past. I shouldn't be feeling this way at the age of 45.

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    My worst time as well. Ever been checked for sleep apnea? I have it and I'm guessing it's why I don't sleep well and I'm in pain in the morning. Also because I refuse to use a cpap. can't sleep with something attached to my face, so I suffer. I usually have to get up an hour earlier then I usually would so I am functioning in time to do anything I might need to do. Might not be a bad idea to do a sleep study if you haven't.

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    Lots and lots of pain in the morning. I look like a little old lady when I'm walking around even though I'm 39 years-old.

    If I need to be at an appointment in the morning I get up 1-1/2 hours early and the first thing I do is take my vicodin. The vicodin only takes a slight edge off the pain but it is enough to get me moving and the blood flowing.

    I recently got Lidoderm (lidocaine) patches and those have worked well when I sleep at night especially my neck.

    Maybe, ask the dr. for the patches. My pain dr. won't prescribe anything stronger than the Vicodin so the lidocaine patches come in very handy.
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    Mornings are the most painful time for me. What I do is wake up and if I am in alot of pain and cannot bear the thought of standing on my feet and standing up, I take 800 mg of motrin and 1 pain pill. I then lay there for another 30 min's to an hour (maybe turn the t.v. on in my bedroom, maybe not) then get up. It still hurts but is better. As alot of you have said the vicodin or vicoprofen really doesn't help the pain alot but takes the edge off. My sister gets the lidocaine patches (post back surgery/back pain not fm) and loves them. My Dr. prescribed them to me however the medical card here in my state will not cover them! What a crock! Give me tons of narcotics but won't give me something that is not narcotic and might work very well. I have not tried one yet, but hear they are great! I try to make most of my Dr. appts in the afternoon but cannot always do that because of the Dr's schedules. Hope you feel better!
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    I know how you feel, mornings are so horrible, I stress about them the night before all the time.
    When I finally get up in the morning, my body hurts literally from head to toe. At one time, the only way to be able to get out of bed is when I would wake up, I would have to SLOWLY stretch my body for an entire hour before my feet would hit the bedroom floor.

    I know the stretching part sounds too painful when you are hurting, but it was the only thing that would let me get out of bed. I do not have any children, and my job is only 5 minutes away from my home, so I do have the advantage of time to pamper myself, I realize most people do not have this advantage.

    Lately, however, the stretching is not working as well, and I am back to square one. I am not on any medications for my FM, the meds were too hard on my system and the side effects from these meds were too numerous.

    However, when I just happen to get a good night sleep (very rare), I do notice that my pain is down by at least 50%. The problem is, I don't know why I occasionally will get a good nights sleep, when the majority of time my sleep is horrible.

    I am convinced that deep level of sleep helps this problem for some of us, I just don't know how to get to that deep level without using medications to do so. Hugs, Chelz.