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  1. AuntieV

    AuntieV Member

    I have to be at work at 7:30 A.M., this morning I cut the
    alarm clock off (6:30) went back to sleep, woke up at 7:20!!
    I cannot get to sleep at night and then I want to sleep in
    the mornings!!!I have tried Lunesta and ambien with moderate sucess (hangover) part of the problem is pain in my legs...I have tried Valerian, Magnesium, benadryl, but the problem is I am ready to sleep when I should be at WORK. How do you guys handle this problem?
  2. dahopper

    dahopper New Member

    I do not have to work but since I started taking Klonpin I have never had a problem at night sleeping. Best thing that has ever happened to me. My hubby loves it too !!! We both only take half of a 1 mg. tablet. Try it I think it will be your answer. Hugs, Love Debbie
  3. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    Other possibilities are ZMA and Calmes Forte. You will probably have to experiment until you find what works for you.

    I find that sublingual methyl B-12 helps me wake up in the morning. I keep it by my bed so that I can pop it under my tongue when the radio comes on.[This Message was Edited on 03/20/2007]
  4. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    i feel for you and wish i had some advice, but no matter what I take... I do not gte into that deep sleep until about 5 am... so when 7:30 rolls around I can barely move... feels like I just got to sleep.

    Good Luck and you are not alone.
  5. pearls

    pearls New Member

    Right now, I'm taking melatonin, valerian, Lunesta, Tylenol P.M., and Cyclobenzaprine - all of them - for my current sleep problems. This is with the knowledge and permission of my pain specialist, who handles most of my FM/ CFS problems. I don't advise anyone to do this without such permission because it could be that your system might not be able to handle all this at once, or you may be taking something else that might cause your brain to shut down too much if you were to take these plus your othe meds.

    However, he knows I am also trying to use good sleep hygeine, which means I try to exercise (at least some) in the daytime; get some sun, preferably in the morning; go to a quiet place before a set bedtime to do something to quiet my mind; make sure I am warm in bed; keep the room dark; and so forth. There are articles about this at this website's library. You must do more than simply take pills. It is a whole process. If you are not doing these things, your doctor will be less willing to give you helpful medications because he may not be convinced your sleeping problems are because of disregulation of your brain's sleep center.

    Also, if you have any pain issues at night, you must deal with them first - if you can. Pain will certainly keep you from sleeping. If I have pain at night, I take Vicodin to handle it - one to two tablets. Usually for me, this takes care of any pain issues. This is also with my doctor's knowledge and permission.

    Most of us have problems, though, with quieting our minds. Our minds are racing when they need to be quiet. So, any sort of quiet meditative activity that you can accept is a good thing to do for a time before going to bed. There was recently an article on this website about sleep problems, and one of the things the author suggested involved a kind of self-hypnosis for going to sleep that can be learned over time.

    Most articles will advise you not to read in bed. This, like so many things, may vary from person to person. I've found that certain kinds of reading in bed does quiet my mind. I read for a short time after I've taken my sleeping meds, and then turn out the light.

    The reason for melatonin, by the way, is to help us regulate our sleep times. In FM and CFS, your sleep center is giving out signals to your body that it is time to party, as it were, when you should be sleeping. Melatonin is not a sleeping pill, but rather a sleep regulation pill. It will take awhile for you to begin feeling the effects.

    You may have bladder issues that need to be addressed. There are meds for quieting a bladder that feels like it is full all the time. I have that problem, which currently is unmedicated. I scrupulously avoid any liquids past a certain hour, except for what's needed for my meds, and may have to move that hour back even more from the time I go to bed. There is much more to this issue, however, than can be written about right now, such as trigger points that may cause the problem though muscle spasm, bladder infection, inability to completely empty the bladder, etc.

    Incidently, there are meds that can help you feel awake during the day. I used these while I was still working and they worked for me.

    I hope you will seek out those articles on sleep. They will give you the best advice on the matter. Getting enough and the right kind of sleep is of the highest importance in dealing with this disease.

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  6. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    after two years of trial and error and years of no sleep is Requip for painful rls and cyclobenzeprine (muscle relaxer) for pain and it knocks me out at night and I wake up at about six ready to go. The pain in my legs and everywhere else were keeping me awake. I hope you find some relief soon.
  7. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I work 11:30 am - 10:30 pm 4 day week (I am off on STD right now). It takes me at leasst 2 hours just to get stable enough to get ready for work :-( . I have to stick to a routine (and fight naps) or I pay dearly for going off schedule. I have been off my schedule 2 nights in a row now and I am an absolute mess. I live with leg pain. I am not taking anything but my antidepressant and some skelaxin until I see the Rheumy April 17th. I want a clean slate when I go to him (1st visit - 1st Rheumy). I have to pick up my CPAP machine today so hopefully I will see some improvement?
  8. cczub

    cczub New Member

    LOL,,, what does that mean!! I'm lucky, I have to be at work by 8am so I shoot for 7am. That usually puts me there between 7:30 and 8. It takes me 30 minutes to an hour to get out of bed.

    As for sleep. I've found that I need to treat the sleep and the pain. I take 100mg of Trazadone and 5mg of Vicodin 1/2 hour before bed. Most nights I wake up once to use the bathroom.

    Still struggling with the fatigue and pain but I can honestly say I'm happy with the sleep I'm getting

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