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    Hi, I just now saw my name 'in lights'! Sorry I haven't been on the last couple days - I've been a little flat the last few days.

    Funny you should mention the horse (Miss Kitty) as I have the vet coming out today because she is limping on a hind leg. It's so frustrating because I can't get to the barn so have to call a neighbor to come over while he's here to help out while I watch from the house. I had finally agreed to my hubbies request that I sell her this spring since I have not been able to even get to the barn for 2 1/2 years. Watching her move I'm fairly sure it's a stifle injury so had to give him the warning this weekend that we may be looking at a lot of money and she may be permanently lame. That would bring up a whole new set of decisions since it's so hard to make sure a lame horse will get a good home! I made the comment that if she turned out to be permanently lame I might keep her and have her bred - oh my gosh you should have seen his face! LOLOL! I shouldn't worry so much before I even know I guess.
    How are you doing with the shake? I am so inconsistant with it because I have to be good enough to get to the kitchen to be able to do it. I do think it helps a bit though, and you're right - the old end of the cycle routine is a tough one for me too. I think the Flax oil and the Primrose oil and Krill oil that I take help with that since I seem to have an easier time since I have started taking them.
    So how old are your kids now? Mine are 6 and 10. I feel like I/they have missed out on so much the last few years. Just gotta keep reminding myself that at least I'm better than I was and that beating myself up about it isn't going to help anyone!


    Yeesh - one edit already! I am fooooooggy today!![This Message was Edited on 02/28/2006]
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    'Nother bump
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    Well, the vet came out and it turned out to be an abscess after all! so much for the other vet and for my 'knowledgeble' neighbor! Boy it's frustrating not to be able to get to the barn myself!! I'm really glad it's just an abscess and not a torn ligament or whatever, but of course my poor non-horsie hubbie can't get her to stand in a bucket to be soaked LOL! Oh well, it's draining and she is getting antibiotics so hopefully all will be well.

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    Hey, Sorry i didn't answer your post, i meant too!
    I've been dealing with extra pain lately, it's starting to let up some.
    So how is that horse of yours, getting better i hope?
    I'm lucky to have my horses right in my backyard, and a great hubby, and my boys, who feed them most of the time for me. So even tho, lately, i don't do much with them, i can still go out and love on them.

    I've been fairly good about taking the shake, but i'm running out of ingredience for it and my van just broke it's water pump!!
    I think it's helping the brain fuzz some, but i have been in extra pain.
    My kids are 7, 10, and 12, getting close to a teenager, sometimes i can see it emerging. HELP!!LOL
    I too deal with guilt about all the mom stuff i don't get done and all the fun times i miss out on when dad takes them somewhere.[This Message was Edited on 03/12/2006]
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