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    I just read a reply to one of your posts that you wrote. And I just had to say...... Our earthly families were and are not perfect and to recognize that fact is not disloyal.

    It is just a fact of being human. Our heavenly family is a whole different story. God has told you, that you are a MUCH LOVED child of his, you are precious to him and he loves you sooooooo much that he gave his only son for you.

    I believe that David was a day dreamer. As a shepard he had hours to do this and to write poetry to God ( our much loved Psalms) and to sing praises to God. Would we concider him not worthwhile or in the wrong place. No, he is one of my most love people in the Bible. Yes, he also had his troubles.

    We are not all the same and our families may strugle with the fact we aren't what they want us to be. That is OK as long as we are tring to be what God wants us to be. So try and let go of those bad images from the past and rejoice in the fact that the path you have choosen is the perfect one. And you are a MUCH LOVED CHILD OF GOD. Blessings. De
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    Thank you for your words of wisdom and comfort. I like your words about rejoicing in haven choosen the perfect path. Perfect because Christ is perfect, not me.

    You have a real gift in encouragement, and edifcation.

    I was going to go back this morning and delete that post, and forgot to.

    Thanks again my sister in Christ; the answer to my question after reading your post; Who are you??

    We will meet, surely, in the heavenly city of our lord.

    Loving thoughts,
  3. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    " Just speaking the facts maam" They use to say that on some old TV show. Don't know why it jumped in my head, but it made me smile.

    Yes, I do believe we will meet someday. How fun will that be ( Yea ).

    Sometimes we all need the support of our family. I can see why God so strongly urges us to meet in church. It is so we can support each other. I pray that all churches remember this.

    Teaching and preaching are fine but we all need support and fellowship. I have heard so many times that people don't feel that in church.

    They go listen to the sermon and never speak to another Christain. So when they go home they feel like whats the use in going to church, I can read my Bible at home.

    They are craving fellowship and not getting it. The fellowship on this board is proof of what God had in mind when he urged us to be with other christians. May the light of God shine on you today. Blessings. De

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